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Spring Moths

It’s been ages since we put the moth trap out. The last time was back in August last year. Terrible I know, but the weather hasn’t been kind and we’ve been busy so finding an evening where it wasn’t going to rain and when Morgan and I would hjave time to go through the trap...

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Mother’s Day Weekend and Spring is in the Air

The weekend turned out quite nice in the end. After a fairly damp camp with the Scouts up at Devil’s Bridge on Friday night, the sun came out on Saturday and temperatures reach 17.3ºC, the hottest day of the year so far. A First Time for Everything I spent the afternoon cleaning cars and working...

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Jaffa-Caching and the Signs of Spring

Well, that’s the first day of the Half Term off to a good start. My parents left after their weekend visit at around 10am, so Morgan and I headed over to the beach with his remote control monster truck. It was cold, windy and deserted on the beach, but the skies were blue, the sun...

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Is that the Spring that I See?

I don’t think anyone would deny that we’ve had a fairly awful winter so far this year. It hasn’t been cold yet, but it’s just been wet, windy and miserable. There does seem to be hope on the horizon though. There’s a brief respite in the stormy weather today, the wind has gone and it isn’t raining at...

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An Early Spring?

We missed out on the recent snow here, but the forecast seems to suggest that when the high presure over us finally gives way and allows a low pressure system in from the west, the wet air from the Atlantic will hit the cold air currently sitting on top of the UK and we could...

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No Moths – Are you sure its May?

I put the moth trap out in the garden last night, but there wasn’t sign of a single moth in or around the trap this morning. Mind you, with temperatures down to less than 3°C and day time temperatures still struggling to get into double figures it really doesn’t feel like May out there. I’m sure...

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The Sounds of Spring

I had a gorgeous run last night. The clocks have gone forward, the evenings are long and the weather is as good as it could be. I wasn’t supposed to go for a run but I couldn’t resist it so headed off down the beach towards Borth. The beach was quiet with only a few people wandering...

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British Summertime – We love it!

Sorry for the lack of updates here over the past few days, but the weather has just been far too nice. My job as a web designer has me sat in front of the computer all day long so over the weekend that was the last thing I wanted to be doing, especially whilst the...

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