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Tree Roots 1

Tree Roots on the Beach in Wales

After torrential rains in the morning, Morgan and I were supposed to be going mountain biking on Saturday afternoon, but as the skies cleared and the sun came out Morgan couldn’t be bothered so instead I decided to go for a walk along the beach into Borth to get some bread and milk. It turned...

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Ynyslas Groynes 0

Ynyslas Groynes

Just some pretty pictures of the Groynes at Ynyslas from our beach photo walk on Sunday, I hope you like them. We should get out for photo-walks in the local area more really as it’s always nice to spend time outside and to get some good photos for the weblog in the process. It’s surprising...

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Camp Fire Pizza Wraps 1

Camp Fire Pizza Wraps

What a gorgeous day we had yesterday – Spring was finally here, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the winds had eased a little. It never quite got warm, hitting about 10°C at best, but it was perfect conditions for the beach cooking that we had planned for the Scouts. We prepared some...

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Sunrise at Mercury Bay 1

Hot Water Beach and a Leamington – New Zealand Day 11

Friday October 26th and at last I think we’re over the Jetlag as I woke up at a normal time of around 6am. I left Anna and Morgan sleeping and headed off for a stroll along the beach of Mercury Bay whilst watching the sun rise. It was a gorgeous still day with no one...

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Kite Jumping 0

Good Friday Kite Flying

After a week or so of glorious weather, sun tans, shorts and busy bee-keeping, a sudden plunge back into temperatures below freezing, icy winds and snow on the hills just in time for the school holidays was a bit of a shock. Needless to say, this coupled with the fact that I was ill meant...

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The Sounds of Spring 0

The Sounds of Spring

I had a gorgeous run last night. The clocks have gone forward, the evenings are long and the weather is as good as it could be. I wasn’t supposed to go for a run but I couldn’t resist it so headed off down the beach towards Borth. The beach was quiet with only a few people wandering...

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