Borth Coastal Defence Scheme Updates

Work is still progressing well on the Borth Coastal Defence Scheme. The weather has been good and the delivery of rock from Norway on a huge ship is expected to start around March 31st.

Another interesting development is the construction of a temporary causeway that will go out to the Multi-Purpose Reef, and then be removed when the reef is completed.

The weekly updates from the contractors make good reading as they outline the work completed so far, tell you how many people are working on site, explain the delivery of materials lising how much is coming in and where it’s coming from. Last weeks report even mentioned the fact that a porpoise was spotted. It also shows that Groyne 1 has been completed.

The reports also lists the planned activities for the coming week. This weeks list is:

  • Continue Groyne 2
  • Continue on excavating Breakwater 2 and placing secondary armour.
  • Continue working on causeway.
  • Receive rock by sea.
  • Start shingle works on the beach

Here is a list of links to all the weekly reports so far:


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  1. Lynsey Guy says:

    Hi Alan, Hope you don’t mind me contacting you but can’t seem to get a reponse from anyone else. We are planning our annual trip to Borth the first 2 weeks of august and we’re staying in a house that backs on to the beach. Do you think there will be much disruption, and will we still be able to get onto the beach some where? We only come for the beach! (of course i appreciate how vital the works are though).

    Cheers Lynsey

    • Alan says:

      Hi Lynsey,
      Yes, you’ll still be able to get onto the beach somewhere, in fact you can still walk along most of the beach most of the time, but things will look a little different. Some of the little access passageways between the road and the house are closed of for safety reasons, but most other access points are fine. Also, there is no construction activity at all north of the station so that is business as usual.

      As far as disruption goes, then they do work all day and there are quite a few lorries coming and going all of the time during the day, but the overnight unloading of rocks from the barge has stopped – I think that was causing a few people some sleepless nights so you’ve luckily missed out on that.

      Depending on which house you are in, you might not be able to roll out the back door and onto the beach as you normally would, but you’ll have lots of goings on to watch – the construction has become something of a tourist attraction in its own right – and you’ll be able to get to and play on the beach somewhere.


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