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Borth Sea Defences a Success

We went for a walk along the beach last night with the Scouts and I’d say that the new sea defences in Borth have almost certainly helped protect Borth from the recent storms. Some of the large boulders within the defences have moved slightly. The pebble banks that were extended and built up as part...

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Borth Coastal Defence Scheme Progress 0

Borth Coastal Defence Scheme Progress

I’ve just been looking at the weekly reports from BAM Nuttall on the progress of the Borth Coastal Defence Scheme and all seems to be progressing well. Groyne 1: is complete Groyne 2: is complete Breakwater 1: Not Started Breakwater 2: The majority of the toe armour is complete with the toe armour to finish...

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Charlie Rock - Barge 0

Borth Rocks!

I should have posted some photos of this ages ago, but the unloading of rocks from the large barges out at sea continues in Borth. For the last few weeks there have been two very large Norwegian barges moored on the horizon, about 4 nautical miles offshore. Every high tide, both night and day, two...

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Charlie Rock 2

Barge Unloading at Borth

This morning I popped down to see the small barge bringing in rocks from the much larger barge anchored offshore from Borth. I had expected the large barge to come closer to shore, but it was still out on the horizon and the much smaller ‘Charlie Rock’ barge was being manouvered into position by a...

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Borth Coastal Defence Scheme Updates 4

Borth Coastal Defence Scheme Updates

Work is still progressing well on the Borth Coastal Defence Scheme. The weather has been good and the delivery of rock from Norway on a huge ship is expected to start around March 31st. Another interesting development is the construction of a temporary causeway that will go out to the Multi-Purpose Reef, and then be removed when the reef...

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Huge Ship to Visit Borth 3

Huge Ship to Visit Borth

In order to cut down on hundreds of lorry loads of rock armour for the Borth Coastal Defence Scheme, a huge ship from Norway carrying 42,000 Tonnes of Rock Armour  will arrive by sea (weather permitting) on the 23rd March and again around the 29th March 2011. I’ve heard that BAM Nuttal the main contractors of the...

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