Swimming around Borth Reefs

With the sun shining and lots going on in Borth, we had a lovely weekend. We spent quite a bit of time in the garden, we popped into Borth for the crowning of the Carnival Queen and for Morgan to collect a commemorative mug. The mug was to commemorate the Diamond Jubliee and there was one for every child in Borth.

After a hot run in the susnhine for me, Morgan and I went for a little swim in the sea on Saturday. Sunday was equally nice weather-wise. After a swim in Machynlleth pool and a nice sunny cycle, we once again headed into Borth where Anna was playing in the band at the Lifeboat Station.

I went for a lovely little swim around the reefs while Anna was playing. I hadn’t swam around these yet and with the sun shining and not too much wind it was perfect out there, although I did get dive-bombed by Manx Shearwaters for much of the way! Morgan then had a little swim as well before we headed back to the Lifeboat Station for some well earned tea and cakes.

Borth & Ynyslas is a lovely part of the world whatever the weather, but the sunshine does make a difference and really lets you get out and enjoy it.

Swim Route around Borth Reefs

Swim Route around Borth Reefs

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  1. Sounds lovely Alan.

    Our house purchase is now completed and we are headed to Borth on Wednesday.

    Hope the sun keep on shining, I need a swim!

    May see you around.


    • Alan says:

      Lets hope the weather holds up for you then as I think you are missing the best of it here at the moment… Still, Borth is lovely whatever the weather and if you need someone to swim with just let me know… I’m always keen!


  2. DJ says:

    Hi. Just wondering if you’ve seen anyone surfing the new reefs yet. Or if there has been any indication of a wave breaking near or on them. Be great to hear from a local as his info isn’t easy to find. Thanks.

    • Alan says:

      They aren’t going to work as surf reefs… They are very rarely submerged enough for a start and they aren’t the right shape either. Even if they were then they would still need a decent swell before they did anything.


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