Consistent riding on my new bike

Since getting my new Scott Addict bike just over a week ago I haven’t yet really got to grips with it. Any rides that I’ve done around a known course have all been slower than I’d done previously. I knew it wasn’t the bike, so it had to be either me, or the set-up, or maybe I was just taking it too easy.

So, despite having raced in the Pwllheli Triathlon on Sunday, I decided to go out on Monday and do  a hilly 11 mile course that I knew and see if I could beat my Personal Best on it. Last time I did a PB on the course I actually went around twice, posting a time of 36:29 first time around and a 36:27 the second time around, so the time to beat was 36:27.

Off I set in perfect conditions on my new bike, there were no excuses. Well, maybe having raced the day before could have been an excuse and my legs were a little tight, but I soon got into it. I did two laps as before just to see how close I could get them and looking at the stats afterwards you can barely see a difference.

  • 18.5 mph average speed on both laps
  • 33.5 mph max speed on both laps
  • 152 bpm average heart rate on both laps
  • 163 bpm max heart rate on lap 1 and 162 bpm max heart rate on lap 2

And, best of all a Personal best time of 34:28 on lap one (a whole two minutes faster than my previous PB) and a not far off 34:42 on the second lap. I’m obviously pleased with that, and its good to have posted a PB on my new bike at last. Maybe I’m getting used to the bike, or maybe it has something to do with the fact that I checked the tyre pressures before hand and increased them from around 85psi to 110psi – Oops, maybe I should have done that before Sundays race!

Looking at the speed and heart rate graphs from each lap, they are almost identical.




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  1. Avatar forComment Author Peter says:

    Nice work! Good blog.

    What’s that Mac software? Zones look a little like Polar colors, but I guess not PPT5, since it’s Mac.

    Cheers /P

  2. Avatar forComment Author CH says:

    This one is for you.


    ps nice bike, just bought the R2 frame today.

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