New Running Routes

I think I need some new running routes.

The ones I do are OK and doing the same route now and then to gauge your progress (or lack of as the case might be) is always a good thing, but doing the same route all the time is not only a little boring, but hard work too. The trouble is, I know how long I take to do the route, I know my personal best and I know what I need to do it. So, each time I go for a run I’m trying to better myself. I guess that’s good in one way, but it’s hard work and it makes every run a high pressure event.

I did once again manage to beat my PB for my ‘Bird Hide Loop’ today, but it’s getting very hard and I’m now not looking forward to my next run as beating that is going to be extremely difficult. It’s a good feeling to look back over my runs this year though and see how I’ve improved. I don’t run that often so there aren’t many of them but each time I go out I’ve managed to knock quite  a bit of time off.

The run is 4.8 miles long and flat. The first time I did it in March my average pace was 8:26 minutes per mile so it took me over 40 minutes. Today I managed to average  6:46 min/mile so did the run in 32:30 – I’m happy with that! Here’s the progress over the year.

  • Mar 20th 2010: 40:47
  • Apr 15th 2010: 39:16
  • Apr 26th 2010: 38:54
  • May 7th 2010: 37:30
  • Aug 3rd 2010: 35:34
  • Sep 29th 2010: 34:54
  • Nov 1st 2010: 33:07
  • Nov 15th 2010: 32:30

How low can I go? Although, I think I’ll start exploring some new routes first to take the pressure off a little.

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  1. Avatar forComment Author David says:


    You make a man very jealous!!!!!

    As a child I spent very happy holidays in Borth. I get back now for the occasional weekend whenever I can. There is something about the beach and looking out across at the mountains that to me is unique and spiritual. I have lived and worked in nice places including Sydney and Cape Town but Borth is special even walking down in the beach in a gale (does need hot tomato soup afterwards though). Favourite places the half wrecked bench on the footpath between the church and the river and top of a sand dune just after the pill box.

    Your run is a favourite walk especially first thing of a morning in the summer – nothing like seeing the sun come up over the mountains. My ambition is to retire to Borth and walk/run my Rhodesian Ridgeback around the loop – taking care of the sheep of course.

    What’s happening with the sea defences – I look for news but cannot find anything?

    • Avatar forComment Author Alan says:

      Hi David,
      You’re right, it is a special place and I’m sure you’re looking forward to retirement, I hope your plans come to fruition.

      As far as the coastal defence go, then ‘Phase 1’ is underway although so far all they have done as far as I can tell is to start work on repairing the wooden sea wall. The overall plan for Phase 1 is to improve and repair the existing sea wall, remove the existing groynes between the lifeboat station and the Golf Course and to put in 4 rock breakwaters in their place, along with 6 large rock breakwaters that run at right angles to these.

      Here’s a pdf of the overall plan of the Borth Coastal Protection Scheme – Phase 1, that should give an overview. The ‘reef’ is also shown on this, but I’m not sure when / if that is being built?


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