Machynlleth Lantern Parade & Fireworks 2010

It’s becoming a bit of an annual event for us, but we went to the Machynlleth Lantern Parade and Firework display again last night.

It was pouring with rain when we left, but soon brightened up and we had lovely clear skies and a nice dry evening. The lantern parade itself wasn’t as good as the past couple of years as there weren’t quite as many lanterns as usual and certainly not as many of the big impressive ones. That siad, some of the smaller ones are just as nice, but it is the large ones that are more memorable.

The fireworks were however as good as ever, and we managed to meet up with and say hello to lots of friends. I guess we’ll be there again next year!

I didn’t take that many photos as doing so means I miss out and don’t get to see the lanterns or fireworks properly, but here are the ones I did take. Try to imagine the sounds and smells too.

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  1. sarah morton says:

    Hello My name is Sarah ( people call me Sam) I am really pleased to see all these beautiful pics of the lantern procession . I have been part of the organisation of the lanterns since its inception 10 years ago.Three years ago Julie Ann Heskin , Annie Grundy and I set up Articulture to solely manage the lanterns . We got a bit of funding to pay for a website this year .could I ask if you could wether I could link to yours or perhaps ask you if I could download the pics to our website.?
    Please let me know your thoughts.

    • Alan says:

      Hi Sarah,
      Good to see the website is up and running, it wasn’t the other day when I tried to have a look.

      Feel free to link to this site, I’d prefer you did that than download the images. Let me know when you’ve added the link and I’ll take a look.


  2. Alan says:

    It’s that time of year again – This year (2011) the event is being held on Saturday Oct. 29th.


  3. Anna says:

    6.30pm for the parade, 7.30pm for the fireworks

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hello Alan, So glad you are still in love with the lanterns. Website is now active but I have no idea how to do linkeage,There are some things I am really crap at and thats one of them !If you could help it would be great.because we only do this event voluntarily everything gets put on the back boiler. Hope to meet you one day. If see a man wirth a big camera on Saturday I will assume its you !!!!!
    thanks for your support

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