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Haunted Hides Souvenir 1

Machynlleth Lantern Parade and Fireworks 2016

Saturday was a rare day with all of us at home with nothing really on the agenda. Morgan and I started it with an early morning walk in the dark. We went over to the beach, along the pebbles, through the dunes, up to the viewpoint, down to the visitor centre and then back home. I...

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Flat Frogs, Flying Pheasants and Fabulous Fungi 0

Flat Frogs, Flying Pheasants and Fabulous Fungi

Thankfully I may have overreacted in my frustration at twisting my ankle whilst on a run last Wednesday. Following the injury I rested it completely on Wednesday and Thursday and by the evening the swelling had subsided somewhat. I was going to get on the Turbo Trainer regardless on Friday as I didn’t think that...

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Fireworks 0

Machynlleth Fireworks

As part of our lantern pack for the Lantern Parade in Machynlleth we had a few free tickets for the fireworks. Those that didn’t have free tickets such as my parents bought tickets too as we usually pay to watch the fireworks afterwards as well. Not long after we entered the field and lined our...

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Taking Shape 1

Machynlleth Lantern Parade

As usual, we attended the annual Machynlleth Lantern Parade last night. This time though rather than being innocent bystanders watching the lantern parade go by we were an integral part of it. Having built a lantern with the Scouts over the past few weeks, it was now time for our spooky ghost lantern to join...

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Cycling 1

Junior Triathlon Training

Hooray, Summer finally arrived yesterday, but it took its time coming. We had a busy day ahead of us so my day started at 5am with a bike ride. Nothing too exciting, just a couple of time around the Borth Loop, with a 14 mile Time Trial effort thrown on for good measure. Unfortunately the sun...

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Chocolate House 1

Another Christmas Curry

Another night and yet another Christmas meal, a curry this time in the Taj Mahal in Machynlleth with the Cerist Triathlon Club. I’m not actually a member of the club but I do know lots of them and train with them on a Sunday morning so decided to head along to their Xmas dinner. The...

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Pine Cone Cache 2

Geocaching around Machynlleth

Morgan and I try to get in at least one days worth of geocaching during the school holidays and always seem to enjoy ourselves. Yesterday was no exception and gave us chance to try out the Geo Bucket geocaching iPad app properly. I’d noticed that with thousands of geocaches in its database Geo Bucket seemed...

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Cat Lantern 1

Machynlleth Lantern Parade and Fireworks 2011

Despite the weather we decided to go to the lantern parade and fireworks in Machynlleth over the weekend. I’d been to the Aberdovey Windsurf Demo during the day and hadn’t had much luck there with the weather as there wasn’t enough wind and as we left for the lantern parade it started raining. Once in...

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