Another Christmas Curry

Another night and yet another Christmas meal, a curry this time in the Taj Mahal in Machynlleth with the Cerist Triathlon Club. I’m not actually a member of the club but I do know lots of them and train with them on a Sunday morning so decided to head along to their Xmas dinner.

The food was good, a curry banquet so there was plenty to eat and lots of different dishes to try, there was a raffle to raise money for Air Ambulance Wales, a quiz, lots of banter and then a trip to the pub opposite. I didn’t win anything in the raffle but I did walk away with the prize from the quiz which was a very nice looking belgian chocolate house. Now that I’ve had chance to look at it, it not only looks really good, but should be delicious too, and it seems to contain a fair bit of chocolate as well. I wonder how many calories it contains! I also wonder how long it will remain as a house before we start nibbling at it? It’s very nice though – we usually have a gingerbread house at Christmas but never really get around to eating it, things will be very different with a chocolate one!

Chocolate House

Chocolate House

All in all a good night out and as I was driving I only drank water so will be up early tomorrow for the usual run – I’m not sure if the others will be joining me as usual though.

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  1. Avatar forComment Author mum says:

    Looks delicious, if too many calories for you save it for me!!
    enjoy x

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