RSPB Feed The Birds day & Geocaching

Morgan and I have just got back from RSPB Ynyshir where we made a bird feeder for ‘Feed The Birds Day’ and did a Scavenger Hunt.

The bird feeder was a simple upside-down paper cup with suet, mealworms and sunflower seeds. For the scavenger hunt we had 30 minutes to find the following:

  • A feather – yep!
  • Something Red – some berries
  • A White Pebble – a small quartz stone
  • Something Soft – Some moss
  • Something Hard – A stone
  • Something a Bird Needs -Morgans new bird feeder!
  • Something Smooth – An acorn
  • A Big Smile – See photo below

We got them all and in 20 minutes too – Morgan was pretty pleased to be in the lead when we left!

Whilst there we also did a geocache that is in the RSPB Car Park. I’m not sure why we haven’t done this before, but we have now, and then we headed up onto the hill overlooking Ynyshir where we went to a cache that has been hidden by a friend of ours (Thanks Andrew!). We’ve been to this spot a few times before but having a new cache there gave us the perfect excuse to visit it again for gorgeous views across the Dyfi Estuary.

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