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Grim Reaper 1

Birthdays, Banksy’s and Bristol

It was Morgans birthday at the weekend. Quite how he got to be 13 already I’ll never know. It was also half term last week so Anna and I took Friday off so that we could have a long weekend away. We therefore headed off after work on Thursday to my parents house just North...

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A Likely Candidate 1

Birthday Weekend in Bristol

We’ve just got back from a weekend with family in Bristol. It was Morgan’s birthday so we were travelling down to meet his cousins for some birthday activities, to visit Ikea and to look at some VW campervans. we had a bike ride planned too so it was going to be a busy weekend and...

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Anna and Morgan in Clifton 1

Treasure Hunt in Clifton

As yet we still haven’t organised a proper family holiday for the year – although, we did of course go on a canoe building workshop in the Lake District earlier in the year so I wouldn’t feel too sorry for us! We have just got back from a trip to my parents as well. We were...

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Mass Ascent 2

A Flying Visit to the Balloon Fiesta

We were in Bristol last weekend for a large family picnic, but as we were about to leave Morgan decided he wanted to stay the week with his cousins who were staying with my Mum and Dad, so we left him there and had a short, but quiet week at home. Anna and I then...

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Harbourside 1

Sheep Hunting in Bristol – Shaun in the City

We were at my parents house for the weekend ready for a large family picnic on Sunday, but had no real plans for Saturday. I went for a nice little early morning bike ride before breakfast. We then we decided that a game of Crazy Golf might be fun so phoned my brother Jay to see if...

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Camera Crew 5

A Family Picnic

We were at my parents house at the weekend for a family picnic. Now our family don’t do things by halves so a family picnic can be quite a big event. Most family picnics involve a picnic blanket, a few sandwiches the odd scotch egg, some crips and maybe a game of frisbee or a...

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SS Great Britain 0

SS Great Britain

Whilst in Bristol recently we visited a few of the sights thanks to Isambard Kingdom Brunel. I’m from Bristol originally so things such as the Suspension Bridge and the SS Great Britain are fairly commonplace to me, especially as I used to walk past them everyday on my way to school. But Morgan and Anna...

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Bristol Harbourside Triathlon Results 0

Bristol Harbourside Triathlon Results

The Provisional Results from the Bristol Harbourside Triathlon are out. Click here to download them. So far it is just the finishing times and positions so there aren’t any splits but this is how the people I was with did (In overall order). I’ll update this post later once the full results are out…. [EDIT]...

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