Bristol Harbourside Triathlon Results

The Provisional Results from the Bristol Harbourside Triathlon are out. Click here to download them.

So far it is just the finishing times and positions so there aren’t any splits but this is how the people I was with did (In overall order). I’ll update this post later once the full results are out…. [EDIT] FInal results are now out, Click here to download them. I’ve updated the list below with my splits

Me (Alan Cole)

  • Finish Time: 1:06:59
  • Category Position: 1st
  • Overall (M & F) Position: 4th
  • Swim: 11:46 (2nd in AG)
  • T1: 1:11 (2nd in AG)
  • Bike: 32:48 (7th in AG)
  • T2: 1:23 (2nd in AG)
  • Run: 19:51 (3rd in AG)

Sharon Lewis

  • Finish Time: 1:23:14
  • Category Position: 3rd
  • Overall (M & F) Position: 183rd
  • Swim: 16:10 (5th in AG)
  • T1: 2:08 (5th in AG)
  • Bike: 36:42 (2nd in AG)
  • T2: 1:57 (3rd in AG)
  • Run: 26:17(4th in AG)

Mike Corston

  • Finish Time: 1:24:51
  • Category Position: 22nd
  • Overall (M & F) Position: 207th
  • Swim: 17:51 (29th in AG)
  • T1: 2:29 (21st in AG)
  • Bike: 39:24 (21st in AG)
  • T2: 1:37 (11th in AG)
  • Run: 23:30(21st in AG)

Karen Davies

  • Finish Time: 1:27:41
  • Category Position: 14th
  • Overall (M & F) Position: 249th
  • Swim: 15:02 (9th in AG)
  • T1: 1:50 (13th in AG)
  • Bike: 43:12 (15th in AG)
  • T2: 1:45 (13th in AG)
  • Run: 25:52(14th in AG)

Bradley Cole

  • Finish Time: 1:38:15
  • Category Position: 39th
  • Overall (M & F) Position: 342nd
  • Swim: 20:11 (38th in AG)
  • T1: 3:05 (37th in AG)
  • Bike: 40:56 (33rd in AG)
  • T2: 3:16 (42nd in AG)
  • Run: 30:47(37th in AG)

I’m happy with that!

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