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Eclipse Projection 0

The Eclipse from Aberystwyth

Morgan’s school gave special dispensation to the children today allowing them to stay out to watch the Eclipse until 10:30am before going to school. Anna and I were working, but we got in early, got on top of things and were then able to meet at the Arts Centre for 10 minutes to see and...

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Andromeda 3

Andromeda through my Meade 15mm Eyepiece

Christmas may only be a distant memory now, and my birthday was a couple of weeks before that, but one of my birthday presents was a Meade 15mm eyepiece for my Skywatcher 130 telescope. I have briefly used it once or twice since then but Sunday night was the first time I got to use it properly. This isn’t...

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Saturn 1

Photos of Saturn

After our successful viewing of Saturn on Friday night, Morgan was excited about staying up on Saturday night to have a look for himself. We’re not sure if it was the prospect of seeing Saturn for the first time or the staying up late that had him excited, but with clear skies it promised much. Venus was...

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Andromeda Galaxy 2

Tracking down the Andromeda Galaxy

After spending some working on the basics of piggyback astro-photography with some shots of Orion, I decided to turn my attention to the Andromeda Galaxy (M31). I hadn’t been able to see this object yet, either with the naked eye or through the telescope, but I had a good idea of where it was. I therefore...

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Warm clothes on! 5

Astro-Photography – My First Attempts

We had another lovely clear night last night so once again it was time to get our new telescope out. I had to have a bit if help from Anna to carry it out as my back was still sore, but we all wrapped up warm and soon had the necessary equipment in the garden....

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T-Mount for Canon EOS Camera 20

Using an SLR with a Skywatcher Explorer 130M Telescope

I’m really keen to take some photos through our new telescope. I knew this wouldn’t be easy. The world of astro-photography is complex with many diverse techniques that need to be learnt, practised and perfected. Some of the photos you can achieve are truly outstanding, but I think it will be many years before we...

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