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High Tech Socks! 0

High Tech Socks!

People who know me will know that I quite like gadgets and high tech toys, and advanced sports equipment such as lightweight, aero carbon bikes are up there at the top of my list of desirable objects. My latest high tech acquisition is a pair of socks! The packaging of these X-Socks is festooned with...

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Blogging from my iPad

I’ve been using my ipad more and more. It’s perfect for a quick check of my email and for browsing the web. I’ve been reading kindle books on it and of course playing a few games. Actually creating anything on it and upswing it productively isn’t quite so easy though. I haven’t even really been...

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A hobble in the woods 0

A hobble in the woods

Following my little incident whilst out windsurfing on Friday I’ve been unable to get out on the water. My lip is still swollen but isn’t too bad, but I also injured my foot and that has been getting worse. It’s sore to walk on and pretty bruised so stuffing it into a footstrap probably wouldn’t...

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Cut Lip 3

Forward Loop Crash

Well, if I learnt one thing today, its that slightly over-rotated forward loops can hurt quite a bit! All was going well, the wind was blowing, the waves were pretty big and I was out for a sail all on my own with my little JP Wave board and a 4.5m sail. First run out...

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Jumping and Gybing 1

Jumping and Gybing

It looks as though February could be a windy month. It’s started off well with the weather station recording 43 knots yesterday, and despite still feeling a little unwell I have of course been out windsurfing. I’m not feeling that bad, but do have a sore throat and chest so I haven’t exactly been feeling...

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Borth Sea Defence Scheme 4

Borth Sea Defences

Work has begun on the new Sea Defence Scheme in Borth so we took a walk there at the weekend to see what was happening. The plans are to build several large rock groynes perpendicular to the water line in place of the existing wooden groynes, along with 6 large fish-tail shaped breakwaters further down...

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First Aid Kit 1

Bad First Aid

When Simon the windsurfer turned up on the door step with blood gushing from a wound on his head I was fairly ashamed that all I could find to stem the flow of blood was a bit of old tracksuit trousers from the rag bag under the sink! They were clean but not really ideal!...

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