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Morgan with the geocache 0

Geocaching in Llandre and Bow Street

Morgan and I had a pleasant walk on Sunday morning and found a few geocaches too. It was a fairly cold, grey day but nice enough for an easy walk behind Bow Street. We started off doing a series of caches called ‘Borrick Blunder’ and listed as a geokid circular walk. Hidden by ‘nitroglysarine‘ they sounded...

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Apple iPad 2

Christmas iPad Rumour

I’ve just heard a rumour about the Apple iPad that hasn’t been heard anywhere else on the web before! No, it’s not that it will have a forward facing camera making it FaceTime compatible, that’s almost guaranteed. It’s not that it will have the Retina display or even that it will have a dual core...

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Faded Carpet 1

Home Improvements

For those of you who think that Borth is a grey, dreary place where the sun never shines – You’re Wrong! Just take a look at what the sun here has done to our once orange carpet. It’s turned it green. Admittedly it was a fairly inexpensive carpet as we couldn’t afford much more after...

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A Very Wet Ride 0

A Very Wet Ride

Amazon.co.uk Widgets I Blame Pete for posting on the forums saying: “See you up there later, looks like it might be a calmer one than of late too !!” Because as soon as he posted it yesterday morning it started pouring down and continued to do so almost all day. When we arrived at Angler’s...

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Ynyslas Today 1

That didn’t quite go to plan

The conditions this morning looked awesome for windsurfing. A rare strong SE wind and some decent waves to give us 30 knots of cross-offshore winds and super clean, head high waves to play on. Perfect for down-the-line wave sailing and not conditions we normally get here as it’s usually cross-onshore so the waves are never...

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New Running Routes 2

New Running Routes

I think I need some new running routes. The ones I do are OK and doing the same route now and then to gauge your progress (or lack of as the case might be) is always a good thing, but doing the same route all the time is not only a little boring, but hard...

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Aberystwyth Fun Fair 2010 1

Aberystwyth Fun Fair 2010

I’ve just noticed lots of hits on my post about the Aberystwyth Fun Fair last year, which reminded me that it must be time for it again. I’m not 100% sure the dates of the 2010 fair, but it is normally on the 1st Monday after the 12th of November and the subsequent 2 Mondays...

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