Warm Autumn Weather

I’ve just got back from a little windsurf session in the estuary. The wind was OK, just enough for my big wave board and 5m sail, but it was a little gusty which isn’t surprising for an ESE wind. The direction also wasn’t ideal for sailing in the channels so with a rapdily ebbing tide and the sandbanks about to start showing it was just a quick sail that included a blast to Aberdovey and back, a struggle against the tide on the way back and a few nice duck gybes. The duck gybes were especially for Morgan as he’s been asking me to do one and capture it on film. Unfortunately despite pulling of some really nice ones, my GoPro stopped recording 3:29 minutes after I started it so I didn’t get any of them on film.

Most notable though was how warm it was. I’m still only wearing my summer suit (3/2mm neoprene) and was perfectly warm enough. In fact I was warmer than on some days during the summer. I’ve just looked up what was happening at this time last year and the weather looked OK with some crazy winds on November 11th 2010, but by November 27th everything was frozen. The water feature had become an ice feature, and on the 28th we hit a record low November temperature of -8.3°C. Then by the end of November Morgan and I were out geocaching in the snow!

So, don’t get too used to this unseasonably warm weather – it could all change very quickly if last year is anything to go by.

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