Spooky Night Trail

Halloween may have been last weekend, but that didn’t stop is going on a spooky night trail in some nearby woods last night.

I won’t tell you which woods as I don’t want to give anything away, but we found out about it through aber-cachers, a local geocaching website that I set up a few years ago. This particular trail wasn’t an official geocache but was instead a private Halloween Night Trail.

Morgan and I had been to the wood recently and had actually followed the exact path that we had to take, but at the time didn’t realise that there were these additional private caches in place. From the starting point we had to follow ‘fire-tacks’ which are tiny reflective tacks stuck to trees that only show up at night. Every so often there was a larger piece of reflective material that showed that a cache was nearby. The first six caches, all of which were large ammo boxes containing spooky contents, also contained a number. Using these six numbers we could complete a set of co-ordinates that would lead us to the final cache .

The walk was really nice. It was a lovely family evening out with me, Anna and Morgan and my Mum and Dad, so three generations of us wandering around the woods at night! We started at dusk and managed to follow the trail and find the caches easily. Morgan was loving it, out at the front and leading the way as we followed the fire-tack trail. I’m glad we were wearing wellies though.

The caches were really well decorated with spooky contents, some of which looked home made. We  found the boxes, but in the fourth box couldn’t find the number that we needed, so once back at the car we had to drive of towards Aberystwyth to get phone reception and phone the creators of the trail for an extra clue. Armed with this we returned to the woods and quickly found the final box and a little stash of spooky treats.

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