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You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks 0

You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

It may have been my 40th birthday at the weekend, but I’ve just got back from the first windsurf session of my 40’s and I’ve just got back from landing my first ever push loop! Better still, Tom was on the water too and saw it so I did actually do it and wasn’t imagining...

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GoPro MTB video from Nant yr Arian 1

GoPro MTB video from Nant yr Arian

I thought I’d get out for a MTB ride yesterday as I have no time for a night ride this week what with school Christmas Concerts, Beekeeping course and such like. On top of which there is supposed to be more wintery weather on the way so access to the MTB trail in the hills...

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I Love Pages

I’ve been busy creating books recently. As I mentioned earlier I thought it would be a really nice thing to make books from each year of this weblog as a memento and photo album for us. At first it was going to be a quick copy of the weblog but once I got into it...

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Penmachno Video

My third time at Penmachno and this time it was just a quick spin around the first loop with Brad and Steve. It was a glorious winters day with snow on the ground and some very icy sections, but not a cloud in the sky. I also had my new GoPro HD camera with me so I...

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