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A New Temperature Record 0

A New Temperature Record

I mentioned yesterday that we had recorded the coldest November temperature at -5.6ºC since we started recording weather  here in Borth and Ynyslas with the Borth Weather Station. Well, we beat that this morning with a new low temperature of -8.3ºC. That is not only the coldest November temperature, but the all time lowest temperature too. ON top...

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Winter’s Here 2

Winter’s Here

It’s not even December yet but we seem to be in a pretty deep cold spell at the moment. I’ve just been checking the stats from the Borth Weather Station in my back garden and it is currently -5.8ºC here. I know it will probably be colder elsewhere as being so close to the sea...

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It’s Snowing 0

It’s Snowing

Just a quick video of the snow here this morning, and it’s got quite a bit deeper since I took this.

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Winter Garden 0

Winter Garden Colours

I haven’t mentioned the garden for a while, but it’s still looking OK. Whilst working on it over the summer one of the things I tried to do was put some plants in that would provide some winter colour. I know we’re not quite into winter yet but it has been pretty frosty out there...

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Geocaching on the school run 0

Geocaching on the school run

Seeing as Morgan has been keen to do some more geocaching recently I’ve been taking my Garmin Forerunner GPSr and my iPod with me on the school run so that we can find one or two caches on the way home from school. This system works well for paperless caching and means we don’t have...

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