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Fun in the Sun

What a glorious weekend..No wind which isn’t great for me, but with lovely sunshine and decent temperatures it was nice to simply chill in the garden and have a nice BBQ in the evening with a few of the neighbours. This did of course require some frantic shopping in the morning for BBQ supplies and...

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Blood Tests 2

Blood Tests

After 3 months on choloesterol lowering statins I had another blood test. The cholesterol levels are down from 6.2 to 4.8. The doctor wants them down below 4 so I’m now on slightly higher strength statins. At least they are doing the trick.

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Classifieds Update 0

Classifieds Update

Despite having work coming out of my ears at the moment I have over the past few days managed to play around with the Classifieds Section of my Forces-of-Nature website. Although the functionality isn’t that different (there is only so much you can do with a list of For Sale adverts) it has had a...

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Becoming Chilled 0

Becoming Chilled

We’ve just spent a busy weekend in Bristol going to Helen and Steve’s wedding (congratulations you two!), going out for a meal for my Dad’s birthday (Happy Birthday!) and generally visiting family etc/ I even managed to fir in a business meeting on Bank Holiday Monday which was good. No, the weekend was particularly windy,...

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Weblog Widget. 0

Weblog Widget.

Now, people reading this won’t know this, but I’m posting this blog entry from a widget on my Mac OS X Dashboard… I assume it will work anyway. Hw clever is that! It got me wondering what other weblog clients are out there for the Mac, so here’s a little list. I haven’t checked any...

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Butterflies 0


Well, part of the deal that allowed me to go on holiday recently was that Anna was able to have a couple of weekends to herself, so she has been off to Shrewbury where she met her Mum while I have been on Dad duties looking after Morgan. Yesterday wasn’t too nice weather wise so...

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Bombs in Dahab 0

Bombs in Dahab

I’m sure you have all heard the news about the bombs in Dahab by now… Terrible news of course and terrible timing as far as I am concerned as I was looking forward to my first ever foreign windsurfing holiday to Dahab, leaving on Saturday. It is amazing how your thoughts on world news change...

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LBJ’s at last 1

LBJ’s at last

Well, its been a while but we finally had some LBJ (Little Brown Jobs) visitors to the bird table today. A Robin and some sparrows to be precise. Nothing too exciting but it is a start.!

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Getting ready for Hols

Off to Egypt next week and I’m getting quite excited. I’m not exactly a seasoned traveller, but who would have though there was so much to do as far as organising a week off was concerned. Flights, accomodation, taxi transfers in Egypt, trains to the airport here, sunscreen, shorts, passports, travel insurance, various other bits...

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Playing with Video Clips 0

Playing with Video Clips

It is rare that I get to ‘play’ with some of the more creative applications on my computer. I generally use the same old applications day in day out and the usual suspects are: Photoshop PageSpinner Firefox Mail Netfinder Word FileMaker Pro MoneyDance and maybe a few things like iTunes, some OS X Dashboard Widgets...

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Mac Accounting Software 2

Mac Accounting Software

Tax return time looms, so I thought it was time to re-assess the way I keep track of my business finances. So, I have recently spent some time on the not very exciting task of finding some decent accounting software to help me keep track of my business income and expenditure. I just couldn’t find...

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