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Jumping and Gybing 1

Jumping and Gybing

It looks as though February could be a windy month. It’s started off well with the weather station recording 43 knots yesterday, and despite still feeling a little unwell I have of course been out windsurfing. I’m not feeling that bad, but do have a sore throat and chest so I haven’t exactly been feeling...

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Borth Sea Defence Scheme 4

Borth Sea Defences

Work has begun on the new Sea Defence Scheme in Borth so we took a walk there at the weekend to see what was happening. The plans are to build several large rock groynes perpendicular to the water line in place of the existing wooden groynes, along with 6 large fish-tail shaped breakwaters further down...

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First Aid Kit 1

Bad First Aid

When Simon the windsurfer turned up on the door step with blood gushing from a wound on his head I was fairly ashamed that all I could find to stem the flow of blood was a bit of old tracksuit trousers from the rag bag under the sink! They were clean but not really ideal!...

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Dyfi Winter Warm-up Race Report

We couldn’t really have asked for better conditions, freezing cold, but no wind and glorious sunshine greeted us for the first ever Dyfi Winter Warm-up at the weekend. There were around 300 entrants starting from Corris Craft Centre. As well as myself this included the usual suspects that I ride with each week such as...

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RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch Results 2011 2

RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch Results 2011

We’ve just done our RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch. We started around 9am on a cold frosty morning and saw quite a few birds but nothing too exciting. Here are the results, with last years number in brackets. Blackbird: 3 (3) Blue Tit: 1 (2) Carrion Crow: 3 (2) Chaffinch: 9 (7) Collared Dove: 1 (2)...

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Our Weblog Book 2008

I’ve recently received the 2008 edition of our Simple Life of Luxury Blog as a hardback book. As with the previous editions it looks lovely. A perfect keepsake for us, and who knows, it might be of interest to others as well. It’s a lot of work to produce, but the results are excellent so...

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