Not feeling much like a Triathlete

Can’t say I’m feeling much like a triathlete at the moment. Not that I’ve ever REALLY felt like a triathlete mind you! My back has been playing up for a few days so I’ve had to ease back on the training and now the lurgy has me well and truly in its grips.

I should look on the bright side though – having both at the same time is better than one after the other as far as lost training time is concerned, and this is supposed to be an easy week anyway.

No electrolyte drinks and hardcore training for me – its Lemsip, physio and back to bed I’m afraid.

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Alan Cole

Alan is a Freelance Website Designer, Sports & Exercise Science Lab Technician and full time Dad & husband with far too many hobbies: Triathlete, Swimming, Cycling, Running, MTBing, Surfing, Windsurfing, SUPing, Gardening, Photography.... The list goes on.