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Bring on the wind 0

Bring on the wind

It was one of those days today where I spend much of it wandering backwards and forwards to the beach waiting for the wind to pick up. It was forecast to swing to the SW and maybe pick up a little later in the day, but then that forecast changed and it didn’t look so...

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Windiest Day of the Year. 2

Windiest Day of the Year.

It was pretty windy last night. We’re used to the wind here and it is quite often windier than you can imagine but it’s been so long since we’ve had any proper wind that it actually kept us a wake last night. According to the Borth and Ynyslas Weather Station it hit 46.9 knots which...

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A Summer Storm 4

A Summer Storm

I’m not sure if this is just a summer storm or if we’ve had summer and this is now autumn. It certainly feels fairly autumnal out there and the fact that I’ve been out for a windsurf on my wave board and 5m sail seems to confirm it. I’m not complaining of course as it...

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I’m a Windsurfer 0

I’m a Windsurfer

Phew, at last I feel like a windsurfer again. So far this year has been pretty pathetic wind-wise. its been good for the garden and for cycling but I’ve barely been out windsurfing – Just 21 sessions so far according to my diary entries. Yesterday was good though with a 25-30 knots wind all day....

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Extreme Bird Watching – Gannets and Manx Shearwaters 0

Extreme Bird Watching – Gannets and Manx Shearwaters

I had a great windsurf session yesterday when the wind picked up without warning. I’d just been for a bike ride and when I got back the wind filled in beautifully so I headed across to the beach with my kit. It was windy enough for a 5m sail and my wave board so I...

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Sneaky BBQ and Windsurf Session 0

Sneaky BBQ and Windsurf Session

After an excellent day looking through the contents of my moth trap and geeking out on invertebrates on Cors Fochno (the bog behind our house), the sun was shining, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, there was no wind and we were all starving. I therefore fired up the barbeque, picked some salad leaves...

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A Busy Day in West Wales 1

A Busy Day in West Wales

Yesterday was a good day, packed full of activities. I started off fairly early, sorting, counting and recording the contents of the moth trap. Nothing unusual in there and no new species, but 21 different species and 60 moths in total. As my ID skills improve I’m getting quicker at going through the contents of...

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Windsurfing at last – Some records broken! 0

Windsurfing at last – Some records broken!

The wind this year has been terrible so I’ve hardly been windsurfing. I nearly managed a session on Thursday night but the wind dropped so I blamed the lack of wind on the “curse of the new kit“. Since then I’ve had a little more luck. On Friday I managed an nice late afternoon windsurf...

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Curse of the New Kit 2

Curse of the New Kit

Ever since buying my new windsurf speed kit way back in March, there just hasn’t been any wind. Not enough anyway. Yesterday however looked liked the most promising day so far, NE’s and hopefully Ivor our katabatic wind would show up. Usually on such occasions he starts blowing early in the morning, sometimes around 4.30am...

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Back on the water at last – Just 0

Back on the water at last – Just

I seem to have been out of sync with the wind lately. It’s been promising much all week with some almost there NE’s in the morning and then plenty of wind around school run time only for it to drop as soon as I had chance to get on the water. I’d tried to get...

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Wind Jinx

It’s just not fair. Since buying my speed kit, there just hasn’t been any suitable wind to use it. This week looked promising with NE’s forecast all week, but as the days have gone by there just hasn’t been enough. It has got close from time to time with the odd gust but never filled...

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