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Windsurfing Ynyslas 2010

I’ve just received a DVD with some video footage of us out windsurfing at Ynyslas a couple of weks ago. First the excuses. 1. The footage is a little shaky, but that’s not surprising, it was taken by my Dad who is not only getting on a bit but has a dodgy wrist, and in...

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The Perils of Weight Loss 4

The Perils of Weight Loss

I’ve actually lost a bit of weight recently. That’s not a bad thing as I approach the age of 40. A number of people have commented on the fact and my BMI is now well within the ‘Ideal Weight’ bracket. All of which is good and I’m fairly pleased with it. That was until this...

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Simon - Off to Casualty 5

Windsurf Session and a Trip to Casualty

I was supposed to be mountain-biking at Afan today, the place where last year we went and ended up calling the air ambulance for Jon and I spent most of the night in casualty at Moriston with him! As my family were still here and the wind was blowing I decided to have windsurf instead...

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Windy Miller 1

Painting the Sea Red

I’ve just got back from another windsurf session here at Ynyslas. Today for a change the wind was South-Westerly so we were sailing on the opposite tack. Much nicer for me as I prefer jumping on that tack. Despite the high expectations the wind wasn’t quite as strong as we had hoped and was hovering...

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Light Wind Freestyle Windsurfing 0

Light Wind Freestyle Windsurfing

This certainly isn’t my style of windsurfing but its pretty clever all the same. Light wind freestyle windsurf dancing, with Caesar Finies.

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Bring on the wind 0

Bring on the wind

It was one of those days today where I spend much of it wandering backwards and forwards to the beach waiting for the wind to pick up. It was forecast to swing to the SW and maybe pick up a little later in the day, but then that forecast changed and it didn’t look so...

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Windiest Day of the Year. 2

Windiest Day of the Year.

It was pretty windy last night. We’re used to the wind here and it is quite often windier than you can imagine but it’s been so long since we’ve had any proper wind that it actually kept us a wake last night. According to the Borth and Ynyslas Weather Station it hit 46.9 knots which...

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A Summer Storm 4

A Summer Storm

I’m not sure if this is just a summer storm or if we’ve had summer and this is now autumn. It certainly feels fairly autumnal out there and the fact that I’ve been out for a windsurf on my wave board and 5m sail seems to confirm it. I’m not complaining of course as it...

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