Top Notch Summer Windsurfing at Ynyslas

Well, what a difference 24 hours makes. Tuesday was a glorious day with no wind, perfect temperatures in the low 20’s and wall to wall sunshine. I started it with a Surf Ski Paddle, went for a run, and then had another surf ski paddle. Wednesday was cooler, wet and very windy. That didn’t stop the Aberystwyth Aquanuts from going for a swim in choppy seas though and then led to some top notch summer windsurfing at Ynyslas.

Sea Swim in Aberystwyth

There were only three of us braving the decidedly autumnal conditions. I had to put the lights on at home when I got up as it was still dark – a sign of things to come as the days get shorter. I met Richard and Helen through the morning gloom on a very soggy and windswept prom at South beach. We didn’t pfaff about too much and were soon heading out into the choppy waters. I haven’t been swimming at all for ages thanks to my chest injuries and issues. I’ve missed countless gorgeous sunny morning swims in crystal clear calm waters. Typical that the day I decide I’m fit enough to swim again should be like this. We headed out into the bay with just our bright pink and red swimming hats adding colour to the otherwise grey bleak morning. Those summery, calm swims are all well and good but sometimes a bit of chop and getting tossed around by the sea adds to the fun. It certainly adds a little more energy to the whole affair.

We had an easy swim out around Castle Point and then across the main bay to land on the beach at the bottom of Consti. My chest and particularly back was beginning to feel a little sore by now so I decided it was best to take it easy and walk back from here. Richard and Helen swam back out and around Bath Rocks and into the beach by the bandstand. I made my way back to the car with a steady stroll along the windswept and puddle strewn prom and headed off to work.

Changing Plans

I had planned to head off for a mountain bike ride with Simon and Federico after work. We had originally planned to leave at 4pm by which time it should have dried up somewhat. Simon had plans later in the day though so asked if we could start at 3pm. An earlier start was fine by me as long as I could get out of my 2-3pm meeting on time. Federico however had already been put off by the mornings weather and was making rumblings about pulling out. Simon soon followed suit. I told them it would dry up and be fine, but to no avail, it was now just me on my own.

As it turned out my 2-3pm meeting went on until 4pm so I didn’t actually manage to get away from work until 4:30pm. Morgan spotted me on the way out of campus and jumped into the van for a lift home as well. I’d decided not to mountain bike on my own but to head home and turbo train instead as it would be a more efficient use of my now diminishing time. It wasn’t long before these plans changed yet again as the sea just looked too inviting. Things had indeed dried up and the sun was now breaking through the clouds. The clouds themselves were scuttling across the sky pushed on by strong winds. Winds that were 30 knots on the beach and whipping up some decent waves too. I couldn’t resist getting out for a windsurf.

Top Notch Summer Windsurfing at Ynyslas

I packed my kit onto my wheel-barrow and headed over to the beach. The grass whipped at my calves as I rigged my 5m sail and 85ltr wave board. I should probably have rigged something smaller really but with not much time I wanted to make sure I was maxed out and on the verge of over-powered rather than struggling for wind.

Once on the water it paid off. I was indeed well-powered up and at times just hanging on as I chattered across the sea. White-water from the waves mottled the surface and when the sun was out the sea was a deep green colour. There were a couple of kite-surfers further up the beach playing in the lagoons but I stayed playing in the waves outside our house. Nice little white-water ramps on the inside and some much bigger ramps out the back. There were even some decent waves for riding in the middle. I was sailing well too, banging out gybe after gybe, launching into some big jumps and even thinking about rotating into a loop. In the end I did go for a half-hearted back loop. I didn’t land it as I didn’t have enough height and the wave I launched off would have been better for a push loop really, but at least I tried.

I only had a short session as time was rushing on and I still felt as though I needed to do some cycling. So, back at home there was time for a quick shower, some dinner. Home made chicken lahksa with home-grown courgetti spaghetti followed by some Rhubarb & Walnut Crumble that I had made the day before – from home grown rhubarb of course. It was then onto the turbo trainer to 90 minutes of cycling.

Another good day with the top notch summer windsurfing at Ynyslas as a highlight. I’m glad Simon and Feds pulled out of the cycling in the end!

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  1. Mum says:

    I was pleased to read that you were sensible to walk/drive home instead of swim. I thought oh wow what a good son I have.. Then I read that you went wind surfing !!!!

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