New GoPro Angle of Another Day in Paradise

Thursday proved to be yet another day in paradise. The Ynyslas wind engine was on full power and the sun was shining too. I thought I’d try out a slightly different camera angle for my GoPro whilst out windsurfing today so mounted it on the mast just below the boom. The footage is OK and tends to show off the size of the waves a little better. Although the super wide angle view still distorts them quite a bit and makes them look smaller than they are. I’m not sure it’s as good as other mounting options though as there is no view of the board or me so no real sense of speed.

I soon reverted back to the higher mast tip GoPro mounting which is still good for an overall view but not so good for the sense of height or perspective. Although the stills I got from it yesterday in the jumps were good. Maybe I’ll try with an even lower mounting position on the mast next so that the nose of the board is also in view.

Can’t complain too much though as I was well powered up once again with my 5m sail and things were pretty full on out there with some big waves out the back and loads of chop everywhere. There was also big clumps of stringy weed everywhere. The beach was strewn with it and there was no avoiding it out in the surf. Sometimes hitting a big clump would slow the board considerably almost throwing me over the front. It was generally slippery enough to slide off of my fairly well swept back fin though so┬ádidn’t cause to much of an issue.

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  1. Mum says:

    Sorry! still makes me feel sea sick lol

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