5* Windsurf Session at Ynyslas

As promised, here’s some video clips of a 5* windsurf session. As with many of my windsurf sessions it took place here at Ynyslas and I was all on my own. It was a bit of a surprise session as I wasn’t expecting quite so much wind. However, on the way home from work there were white caps covering the sea. So, once at home I rushed over to the beach. I rigged relatively big kit as I was expecting the wind to drop and got out on the sea for what turned out to be a top notch session.

5* windsurf session

I was on my big 104ltr Starboard S-Type board with a 5.7m Gun Transwave sail. As you can see from the footage I was well-powered up the whole time. I’m not sure where the wind came from as it wasn’t forecast. It dropped off to nothing soon after I got off the water too. It had all the feelings of a sea breeze in the sunshine but was too northerly and the air temperatures were too cold for that. Just one of those things I guess, maybe a wind just for me! Unless of course it was a cold northerly katabatic wind generated in the mountains of North Wales. Wherever it came from it was just what I needed for a 5* windsurf session and yet more fun on the sea.

It wasn’t quite the bike ride I was supposed to be doing and I’m sure it didn’t have anywhere near the same training effect, but when the conditions are that good it just has to be done. I hope you like the video. I changed the GoPro position mid session so there’s a selection of shots from my mast mounted GoPro and my helmet mount too. I’m still not sure which I like best. It’s probably good to have a mixture really. Maybe I’ll do some boom mounted shots next time as well.

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  1. Mum says:

    ,I prefer the mast mounted shots, but I guess a mix is good .x

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