Summer Sailing at Home

After a busy weekend away in North Wales Surf Skiing, Mountain Biking and Running along the Coast Path it was nice to be back at home. The busyness continued of course and summer was being kind to us. Wall to wall sunshine on Monday had me out mowing the lawn and gardening once the indoor chores were done. The wind then picked up a little and with temperatures in the low 20’s. It was time to head to the beach for some summer sailing.

Summer Sailing at Ynyslas

I loaded up my wheelbarrow and wandered across. You can’t beat being at home when you have this on your doorstep.

Summer Sailing

Summer Sailing

I haven’t been out windsurfing since I crashed a couple of months ago injured my chest. This crash set off my pericarditis again which still hasn’t cleared up fully. It has been quite a but better for the last week or so. It was good to be out there cruising along in nice easy conditions in the sunshine. The water was lovely. I was taking things easy and felt nicely powered with my biggest kit – a 6.7m Gun Rapid Sail and my 104ltr Starboard S-Type board. My GoPro didn’t want to stay where I put it though so here’s a few clips with various angles as it slipped from place to place.

Nothing too exciting just some summer sailing with my big kit. Back at home while packing up I even managed to get Morgan out of the house for some boules on the freshly mown lawn. I can now feel a BBQ coming on, or at least some al fresco dining!



I should head out for a bike ride later but I might just chill in the garden instead. Tomorrow looks set to be even nicer and with light winds forecast. I think a nice long adventure in my Surf Ski is on the cards. I’ll go for a run and plyometrics session on the beach as well and might see if Morgan will join me for that.

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