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Grassy Cyclocross Course 4

Showground Cross Carmarthen – Welsh Cyclo-cross League Round 4

Another weekend, another Welsh Cyclo-cross League race and yet more sunshine. In fact it was a glorious day with wall to wall sunshine, bright blue skies and barely any wind. The dry conditions meant that – uncharacteristically for the showground in Carmarthen – there was very little mud. In fact, the organisers had made a few last...

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Cyclo-cross Racing 7

Pembrey Dune Cross – Welsh Cyclo-cross League Round 3

Despite a 6 hour mountain bike ride in the Tide to Tide on Saturday I was due to race in the Pembrey Dune Cross on Sunday. This was round 3 of the Welsh Cyclo-cross league. I was awake fairly early so left Anna sleeping in the tent and headed off into Pembrey Country Park for a walk as...

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Kids Races 5

Llanishen Calfburner – Welsh Cyclo-cross League Round 1

I entered my first ever Cyclo-cross race at the weekend: Round 1 of the Welsh Cyclo-cross league at Llanishen High School in Cardiff. A new Challenge I’d never done any Cylco-cross before, I’d never even seen a  Cyclo-cross race and therefore had no idea what to expect. I had watched a few videos of Cyclo-cross...

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Cyclocross bike 5

Cyclocross – A New Bike, A New Sport

Ask any road cyclist what the worst aspect of riding is and they will undoubtedly say: One, “The Traffic” and two “Bad road surfaces and potholes”. Ask a Mountain Biker what the worst aspect of riding is and they’ll say: “Long hard slogs uphill on a heavy bike with knobbly tyres” Ask ANY cyclist what...

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Fishguard Half Race Simulation 1

Race Simulation

My training for the upcoming Ocean Lava Half-Ironman distance triathlon has been going from bad to worse. In fact as mentioned previously I haven’t really been ‘training’ this year, just exercising. I’ve had a shoulder injury so no swimming. I’ve had achilles problems which has stopped me running a little. Then last week I had some...

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Race Overview 5

TrainerRoad and Best Bike Split

Feeling completely unprepared for the upcoming Fishguard Ocean Lava Half Ironman distance triathlon that I’m supposed to be doing in a couple of weeks, I thought it was time to simulate riding the course. I didn’t have time to head to Fishguard again to ride the bike route. So, instead I decided to replicate it on...

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A Half Marathon Run 4

A Half Marathon Run

I’ve been keeping this relatively quiet, but the Half-Ironman distance triathlon that I pulled out of last year is looming fast. I pulled out last year due to my plantar fasciistis injury but my entry was deferred for a year so I’m still signed up to do it. My foot seems better but I haven’t...

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A Pembrokeshire Cycle 2

A Pembrokeshire Cycle

After an early 4am  start on Saturday for my Coast Path run from Maltraeth to Holy Island, I had an even earlier start on Sunday for a Pembrokeshire Cycle. I was up at 3:30am (early even by my standards) so that I could get ready and leave the house by 4:30am This meant I could arrive...

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FTP Test 1

Training, Racing and Recreation Balance

You may have noticed that although I’ve still be fairly active, cycling, running around the coast path and such like, I haven’t been posting about any proper training and certainly nothing about any races. This is all due to the fact that I’ve had a few niggling injuries. Injuries Last year it was plantar fasciitis,...

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Here's Looking at You 1

My Kind of Day

The half-term continues and amazingly the weather continues to impress too. Further east in the country people are complaining of the cold, wet, miserable weather, but here in the west it has been gorgeous for ages now. Sunshine from 4 am until the sun sets at around 9:30pm and temperatures up into the 20’s everyday. Wind...

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