Small Victories

Luscious Lawn

It’s only a small victory, but the lawn was looking terrible after the winter (and probably a year or two of relative neglect). I decided to do something about it earlier in the year. Since then I’ve been raking, feeding and weeding it whenever I can. Now, even if I say so myself it’s finally looking OK again.


It’s no bowling green of course but it’ll do for al fresco dining and chilling in the sunshine. Talking of which, we are having Katsu Curry takeway from Ynyshir Hall tonight. We might just have to eat it in the garden as it’s lovely out there today. Just over 20ºC with a cooling breeze and wall to wall sunshine. There’s still plenty to do to keep on top of the lawn and the rest of the garden for that matter but it always looks better when the lawn is green and tidy.

Another small victory is the fact that I’ve had an action packed day so far. I usually work for the University on a Wednesday but some work needed doing yesterday. Having done this yesterday, I could allow myself slightly less time working today. I’ve done a little bit of work today of course as it’s not all fun and games. There has been more fun and games than work though!

A Long Swim

I started off with a nice long swim in the sea. The Aberystwyth Aquanuts were swimming from Aberystwyth to Wallog and then walking back. We’re still effectively shielding so I couldn’t join them but I would have had a case of FOMO if I didn’t so something similar. Not wanting to miss out I therefore headed off for a long swim of my own this morning. I was going to swim anyway but just went a little further than usual.

Starting on the seafront in front of our house I headed north into the estuary. From here I swam around the point and then along the shore line on the Ynyslas side of the estuary. I was going to get out there and walk home along the road but decided if I kept going and swam into the Leri I could get out there and walk back across the field. That’s what I did taking my swim up to 6,245 yds. I got changed out of my wetsuit on the grass and then strolled home in the sunshine. A perfect start to the day.

Later, once I saw the swim the Aquanuts had done I was pleased to see that mine had been a few hundreds yards longer than theirs. Not that I’m competitive or anything but it was another victory in my books!

Intervals on the Bike

Rather than shower I then decided to jump on my bike for a quick interval session. I didn’t go anywhere exciting, just rode back and forth along the straights between Ynyslas and Tre Ddol. Things were heating up and it was only supposed to get hotter so getting it done early seemed like a good idea. It would also mean I wouldn’t come up with any excuses not to do it later in the day. As it turned out, the time I was out cycling was actually the hottest part of the day at 24.1ºC. There’s still time for that to be broken I suppose but it’s currently down to 20.7ºC

Surf Skiing in the Sun

With that done it was time for some work and to mow the lawn and then a quick lunch. Then it was some more work and then off to the beach again for a surf ski paddle. When the weather is this good it would have been rude not to. There was still some surf but there was also a bit of a NW wind so it was a little choppy. I played in the waves for a bit and then headed out into the wind all the way to the Outer Bouy. I then had a nice downwind run back to the beach where I played in the waves again.

Seeing as there is a still a 5 mile travel restriction in place in Wales, there were lots of people on the beach. Most of whom certainly don’t live within 5 miles – I guess it’s only going to get worse.

There’s still plenty of time left for some more work. Not too much though as I’ve then got a quick drive into Ynyshir to get our takeaway. Don’t you just love the summer!

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Mum x says:

    Summer is lovely yes , but I think you enjoy life to the full regardless of seasons. Your ” perfect start to the day ” was more than what most people do in a week lol

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