Springtime Outdoors

I can’t complain about a day like that. A gorgeous start to the day with a huge ‘Snow Moon’ over the dunes and frost on the grass. The sun was soon up and things started to warm up. I headed out ito the garden to do some repairs to the soakaway and to get on with the Springtime clear up.

Springtime in the Garden

Things are looking nice out there now. Most things have been tidied up and the garden is coming to life. The bees were busy collecting pollen from the crocuses. While I was working away, Hector our robot lawn mower came out and mowed the lawn for me. It’s nice that I can get on with other things while the lawn gets mowed. It’s nice to have some company out there as well. He doesn’t bother me or answer back either which is a bonus!

Springtime in the Surf

With the gardening done it was time to head to the beach. The sea was glassy but there was a nice swell rolling in so I was soon splashing my way out through the waves.

Catching the waves back in was fun as always. I did come off on one though and ended up having a bit of a swim. No harm done and I headed back out for another round.

Springtime in the Hills

After a quick lunch it was back into the garden for a bit and then onto my bike for a ride in the hills. It’s the first time I’ve been cycling in the real world for months. I headed off into Artists Valley in the sunshine. It was pretty chilly in the shade on the northern slopes of the hills but nice in the sunshine.

Spring in the Hills
Spring in the Hills

Back at home and Hector was out again keeping the lawn trim while I sat down to watch the rugby. Dinner was to be a special treat. A gourmet meal box called ‘Taste of the Hebrides’. We haven’t eaten it yet as I write this so I’ll blog about it tomorrow once we’ve enjoyed it – assuming we do that is! If the packaging is anything to go by I’m sure it’ll be delicious.

Gourmet Meal Box
Gourmet Meal Box

All in all a good action packed day on what was the first proper day of Spring.

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