Weekend Warrior

Well, after a really good windsurf session on Friday and the promise of more of the same over the weekend, the wind never quite delivered. Isn’t that always the way? It teased me all weekend, picking up to just enough now and then, only to drop off again.

A Hard Bike Ride

I’ve learnt the hard way over the years though not to just wait around for it. So, instead I headed out into the hills for a fairly hard bike ride on my CycloCross Bike. It started with the long hard climb up the Leg Burner’s Big Brother. I was almost a minute off my PB on this climb but that was enough for a 2nd best time and it had been a hard effort all the way which was the aim. I kept going fairly hard on the way back down to get a PB on the Fynach Fawr descent and then kept up the pace all the way home.

Brick Running

Here I quickly transitioned into running kit for a brick 5km run. I’m pleased to say that I’m still faster at running after having done a hard ride than I am just doing a run. Lately my run pace has been struggling to get much under 8 mins/mile. Even hard intervals within a run were slower than 7 mins/mile pace. But, running straight off the bike feels so much better and I managed a 5km with a couple of gates to negotiate at a pace of 6:52 mins/mile. Still not super fast but at least that’s almost respectable!

The wind never did come to much so chores around the house and garden, the baking of a rhubarb crumble, some bee-keeping and chilling were the order of the day otherwise.

Still teased by the wind

Sunday saw the wind teasing me again so the morning started with a nice easy and very slow paced run around Ynyslas and along the Leri. The rest of the day was spent working, chilling and preparing a Spicery meal for the evening. Anna then had to go into town to play with the Aberystwyth Silver Band so I popped out for a lovely late afternoon surf ski in the sunshine.

There was still quite a bit of messy, choppy swell about so it was quite lively out there with a few nice waves to play on as well. I headed over to Aberdyfi, playing in the waves as I went and then came back in the same manner.

Now it’s time to cook the rest of of Spicery Meal so that it’s ready to eat when Anna comes home…. Tamarind Fish Curry, Vegetable Kurma, Coconut Chutney, and Pineapple Pachadi – Mmmm, Mmm I can’t wait. With Strawberry, rose and cardamon Kulfi for dessert, which I know is delicious as I may have ate quite a bit of the scrapings whilst making it!!! Maybe a bottle of wine to wash it down as well.

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