Giant Jaffa Cake Cake

While Anna was out all day on Sunday I decided to bake a giant jaffa cake cake. It’s a Jamie Oliver recipe from his Jamie’s Comfort Food book. We haven’t actually cooked many recipe from here yet so it was time to change that.

Essentially you make a very rich pancake batter that not only includes 10 eggs, butter, sugar, cream and flour, but also quite a bit of cornflour and loads of marzipan too. You then grill this in layers to form pancakes in a cake tin and in between the layers you spread either melted orange marmalade and whisky or melted dark chocolate. The cake is gradually built up and grilled layer by layer until you have huge jaffa cake cake. It’s then topped with extra marmalade and a nice thick layer of glossy chocolate. The secret is to keep the layers fairly thin and make sure they are fully set and grilled before adding the next layer. They go quite dark on top which is what gives the coloured layer effect of the finished cake.

There’s patience involved as it takes a while to grill quite so many layers, and then it needs to cool fully before you top it with chocolate and then needs a further few hours cooling so that the chocolate sets. It’s actually best the next day straight out of the fridge where it tastes just like a giant jaffa cake. There’s no confusion here as to whether or not it’s a cake or a biscuit though. Just due to it’s sheer size this is most definitely a cake. So much so that it’s got the word twice in it’s name. It’s a Jaffa Cake Cake!

I actually made two. One in a 23cm round cake tin which is rapidly disappearing and one in a loaf tin which we have tried freezing.

2 Responses

  1. Mum says:

    Wow Al, I take it you’re not counting calories at the moment! X

  2. Emily says:

    Intriguing method!

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