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Tandem Surfing

Seeing as my Mum was worried that I didn’t do anything strenuous on Saturday morning – other than moth trapping, beekeeping and geocaching – I thought I’d better make up for it. Windsurfing I did get out windsurfing in the estuary on Saturday afternoon. The wind was a little flukey but was gusting up to 28 knots....

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Wondrous West Wales Weekend

I know I usually try to have an action packed weekend making the most of what Wondrous West Wales has to offer but this weekend was particularly good. It started on Friday with my usual early morning walk around the dunes and then a trip into town. Anna had a few chores and some shopping...

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Whyte 901 1

Sunday Trail Fest

It’s been a while since I’ve been up in the hills. We have been there for walks with the Scouts, but we haven’t even been out blueberry picking this year for a change. The arrival of a new bike changed that though on Sunday when I had a bit of Trail Fest at Nant yr Arian....

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Tent and Awning 0

Camping on Anglesey

Anna and I were off work on Friday, so we made a last minute decision to go away for a couple of days. We didn’t have too many plans and things were a bit rushed, but camping on Anglesey was chosen. I found what looked like a nice campsite and made the necessary bookings. The weather looked...

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The Finished Lean-to 2

Finishing the Lean-to Build – Hot Work

Tuesday was an absolute scorcher here. It started off hot and just got hotter with the temperatures eventually maxing out at 32.8ºC. The hottest day so far in 2016 and not far off our ‘all-time’ record of 33.7ºC set on 19th July 2016.  Typically, I had lots of hot work planned for the day, finishing...

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Lean-to Roof 3

A Lean-to Roof – The Building Continues

As you know from my previous post about building a lean-to, we were delayed in putting the roof on whilst my Dad was here thanks to the fact that Sheet Plastics who we’d bought the polycarbonate sheets from failed to deliver on time. We’d paid £20 for a specific delivery date on the Friday, but it didn’t...

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Checking Levels 1

Building a Lean-to

We had been planning on building a lean-to along the back of the house for a while but then all of a sudden due to other commitments and arrangements the weekend that we’d be able to do it was upon us. It wasn’t supposed to be quite so soon but it was the only weekend we...

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Lemon Cheescake 1

Lemon Cheesecake Recipe

Mmm Mmm Lemon Cheesecake! That was quite a success and so easy to make as well. Anna had been away for a couple of days on the Isle of Man, so I thought I’d make a cheesecake for her as it’s one of her favourites. Unfortunately when Morgan and Pat went shopping they forgot the all important...

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Dyfi Estuary Pano 0

Full on Friday

That was a good day, especially as it was only Friday and not even the weekend. Up early as usual after a poor nights sleep for an hour or so of work on the computer and then off for a fairly hard 70 minute run from home. It shouldn’t have been that hard as it wasn’t...

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FTP Test 1

Training, Racing and Recreation Balance

You may have noticed that although I’ve still be fairly active, cycling, running around the coast path and such like, I haven’t been posting about any proper training and certainly nothing about any races. This is all due to the fact that I’ve had a few niggling injuries. Injuries Last year it was plantar fasciitis,...

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