Sunday Lunch at Libanus

I didn’t get out camping this weekend, so it was a fairly quiet affair at home. I did go for a quick surf-ski session on Saturday, but that didn’t end too well and I set the robot lawn mowers up after their ‘hibernation’ over the winter. They are out there now, happily mowing away for us.

Sunday dawned fairly sunny so I headed out for a run. Anna then decided to treat me to Sunday Lunch at Libanus. It was a lovely day by now but we drove down rather than walked and were soon seated for a delicious meal. We went for the full 3 courses if only to make it more of an event. The baked camembert sharer for a starter was a lovely (if a little sticky) way to start it off. I then had the beef while Anna had the lamb and I had a lovely crème brûlée cheesecake for pudding while Anna had salted caramel ice cream (that I helped her with!).

Sunday Lunch at Libanus
Sunday Lunch at Libanus

Full to the brim, it was back home where I decided that I had more than replaced any calories I had burned on the run earlier in the day so decided to go out for a walk to compensate for the dinner. I headed out along the Leri with a fully laden 12kg rucksack on my back for a 6-mile walk. Anna meanwhile burned off the calories with a snooze on the sofa!

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    Well done Anna, just what I would have done.

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