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Lets Get Extreme Souvenir 0

More Geocaching Records in Aberaeron and Aberarth

Another day of the school holidays and it started grey and dreary, but Morgan and I were undeterred and decided to head off towards Aberaeron in search of a 5* difficulty geocache so that we could get another ‘Summer Road Trip’ souvenir. We’d spotted a 5* difficulty cache in Aberaeron which would do nicely as...

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Wide Skies 3

Geocaching Records on the Kerry Ridgeway

The Kerry Ridgeway – I’d never really heard much about it before and had never been there, but whilst looking for a suitable series of geocaches to find it cropped up in our searches and so an adventure was planned. Once again, geocaching was about to take us to a spectacular part of the country...

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Dyfi Valley Pano 0

Finishing off the Geocache Chocolates

Monday was very wet and windy and almost wintry in nature. I managed a nice windsurf session though and then we all headed out in Aberystwyth and for a drive around the local country lanes setting up a treasure hunt for the Scouts. The plan is to invite the community to take part in the...

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Muffins 0

Foraging for Muffins

ather than send Morgan to Holiday Club for the summer Anna and I are taking various days off work so that we can be at home with him as much as possible. Some of these are days off work at the University, others for me are days off Website Design work. Tuesday was the latter...

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Uphauling 1

A Weekend in Paradise – Windsurfing, Den Building and Tickle Rugby

You can’t beat a sunny weekend at home. Lots of chores and little jobs completed on Saturday and then plenty of time to enjoy the garden and pig out with a barbecue. Sunday dawned wet and windy though and the shed still leaks so I decided not to bother going for my usual Sunday morning...

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Views 4

A Day out at Glansevern Gardens

Anna and I were unable to have our usual wedding anniversary day out last week as I was cycling from Bangor to Aberystwyth and then we had a Scout Camp to run. We made up for it on Friday though, just a week late by both taking a day off work and heading out towards...

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Working in the Shed 1

A DIY Weekend at Home

It seems to be a rare occasion that we get a whole weekend at home these days, especially one with no real events to attend. But that is exactly what we’ve just had. This was partly due to the fact that Morgan was ill so couldn’t go to a special orchestra practise that he was supposed...

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Morgan SUPing 1

A Family Stand-up Paddle Board Session

With summer in full swing and what looked like the best day of the week weather-wise it seemed a shame to work all day while the sun was shining so Anna and I arranged to finish at 3pm collect Morgan from school and then head to the beach. It would have been nice to go...

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Mug Cake 0

Chocolate Mug Cake

If you’re going to make a chocolate mug cake in the microwave then you may as well use a proper mug… I knew that ridiculous Sports Direct Mug would come in handy one day. Giant Mug Cake I think I used the same recipe as Anna usually uses, but she divides it between three mugs,...

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