Sunny Sunday

Hooray, Summer arrived on Sunday. I of course made the most of it.

Hill Reps

After a relaxed start at home I headed off to Tre Ddol for a run in the woods. Rather than just go for a loop or an out and back I decided to do some hill reps. 5 times up and down the hill in the woods meant it was quite a hard session. I tried to improve my time on each rep so the last couple of times up the hill were particularly taxing.

A Trip to Aberyfi

Next was a quick walk to the beach with my surf ski. The place was getting busy already but I was soon out through the surf and into a world of my own. I headed north towards the estuary. Things were a little busier here with a sailing regatta going on, jet skis everywhere and the Borth Lifeboat crew out training. The beach at Aberdyfi was packed. I paddled into the harbour and then headed back against the current of the incoming tide. Back on the seafront I played in the waves as I made my way back home.

Al Fresco Pizza

The pizza oven came out for an al fresco lunch in the garden with Anna and Morgan, The temperature was up into the mid 20’s by now and it was a lovely day. The bees were buzzing and the garden was alive. The pizzas were nice too. I did a few chores in the garden and chilled for while.

SUP Surfing

Next I took a walk to the beach with Morgan to check on the surf. The place was heaving now with cars parked all along the road and one blocking the gate as usual. Morgan decided not to go surfing despite the fact that there was a lovely clean wave rolling into the beach. I headed over with my SUP for a chilled SUP surf session in the sun. The waves were indeed lovely so plenty of fun was had. There were no dolphins about today though.

Back at home it was almost dinner time so after the 3rd shower of the day we cooked dinner and I settled down to watch the final stage of the Giro D’Italia. Summer is here, it may not be around for long so it makes sense to make the most of it.

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