Geocaching in the Hills

Day two of 2016 and we had to get Morgan out of the house again, so we had some nice easy almost drive by geocaching in the hills planned. Not much walking involved today just a quick cache and dash before heading into Aberystwyth so that Morgan could spend some of his Christmas money on a new Nerf Gun!

Turbo Training

I started the day with some blogging and then jumped on the turbo trainer for a fairly hard 90 minute session from TrainerRoad called Eclipse. This consisted of 3x 20 minute sweetspot efforts that were suitably difficult. Training hasn’t been great lately thanks to a never ending cold, far too much food over Christmas and then a shoulder injury. My knee was sore after our walk and trail run around the Hafod Estate as well, so it was nice to have done a fairly hard, decent session on the bike at least.

Surf’s Up

I then wandered over to the beach to check on the surf which was doing it’s thing today – If only my shoulder wasn’t so sore as I could do with a good surf session but there’s no way I can paddle at the moment.

Geocaching in the Hills

We then took a drive into Talybont and out into the hills towards the disused mines on the hillside overlooking Afon Cyneiniog. From here it was quick scramble up over the scree to find the geocache in the main tower. We took a few photos and that was that, geocaching in the hills completed, we drove into Aberystwyth via Bont Goch and Bow Street, did a quick bit of shopping and headed home for bacon and egg muffins and a relaxing afternoon. Just Sunday left and the Christmas holidays are over.

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