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The sunny weather is doing wonders for the garden. Everything is growing well and the cat seem to be loving it out there too.

In fact, the various shrubs I’ve been growing to act as boundaries, wind-breaks and dividers between the various bits of the garden are pretty much as I want them now. There is finally a number of very distinct ‘rooms’ in the garden each with its own character and each with little corridors between them.

Even the compost bin looks fairly nice!

Flowery Compost Bin
Flowery Compost Bin

I do have some plans afoot of course. The water feature is too far from the electricity supply and seems to stop working more often than it should. I might therefore convert it into a little wildlife pond – one that doesn’t require electricity. That then leaves me with a water feature that will be moved to a new area that I’ll free up. There’s always something to do but at the moment the main task is to be more like the cat and just enjoy it!

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Mum x says:

    Looking forward to seeing it in real life before the rain comes and you’ll soon be moaning that it’s all overgrown

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