A New Log Store

We do like to ‘reduce, re-use, recycle’ where we can. I think we can safely say we achieved this with our log store. It had started life as a shed. The shed had been moved several times and re-purposed as another shed for things of ever decreasing importance. Once it became a little too ‘airy’ to be a shed it was re-purposed again as a log store. The roof had caved and it was no longer water tight. So, I removed the doors and put them on the roof so as to keep the logs dry. This worked surprisingly well and the roof then outlasted the sides. The sides were patched up over the years so it was now looking a little messy. This was especially the case now that it was out in the front garden which was looking very neat. In comparison the log-store had become something of an eye-sore. It was time for a new, ‘proper’ log store to replace it.

A New Log Store

A new log store was ordered. These things aren’t cheap these days as the price of timber still seems to be very high. I did think about cutting the top off the old shed-come-logstore and trying to re-purpose it one last time as a cold frame. Once I started trying to do this it was just going to be too much work. It wouldn’t have been very satisfactory either. So, in the end it got smashed up ready to be burnt. I did salvage some bits of wood from it though as they will come in useful one day.

The new log store was soon built. Some of those offcuts from the old store that I’d saved came in handy straight away. They were used to make a base to stand it on. Hopefully this will stop the main base from rotting too quickly and to allow more airflow through the logs. The additional stand raises it off the floor a little allowing debris to fall through the bottom as well.

A Home for Harriet

The little docking station home that I had built for Harriet our robot lawn-mower also needed some work. It had been built from timber salvaged from our old decking and had been constructed as an extension to the previous shed-come-logstore. This meant that once the shed was dismantled it was missing a side. I soon rectified this with some timber from the now dismantled shed. These bits of timber had in fact started life as a fence. They had then become a compost bin and then were reborn as patches for the old logstore. They were being used yet again as part of Harriet’s home!

Harriet’s house then needed moving so that it was in line with the new logstore. (Nothing is ever easy!). Moving Harriets house meant digging up and relaying the two perimeter boundary wires that mark her territory. I also had to dig up the central guide wire that guides her back to the charging station. The main power cable to the charging station had to be extedned a little as well. The guide wire is sometimes a little hit and miss so that will need some adjusting after some trial and error. Things are now looking neat and tidy once again.

Not bad for a few hours work.

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Mum x says:

    Sounding more and more like your Father !

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