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A Day out at Glansevern Gardens

Anna and I were unable to have our usual wedding anniversary day out last week as I was cycling from Bangor to Aberystwyth and then we had a Scout Camp to run. We made up for it on Friday though, just a week late by both taking a day off work and heading out towards...

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Working in the Shed 1

A DIY Weekend at Home

It seems to be a rare occasion that we get a whole weekend at home these days, especially one with no real events to attend. But that is exactly what we’ve just had. This was partly due to the fact that Morgan was ill so couldn’t go to a special orchestra practise that he was supposed...

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Aloe Vera Flower 0

Aloe Vera Flower

What started as a tiny little Aloe Vera plant about 18 months ago has turned into a monster. It’s huge, looking healthy and has now produced a pretty impressive looking flower spike. It’s been living in the conservatory, but I think I might have to propagate some baby plants from it soon and try some...

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Water Feature 1

Springtime Chainsaw Massacre

This weekend saw the first proper Springtime assault on the garden.   Gorgeous March weather with plenty of sunshine and very little wind saw the temperatures creep up close to double figures. Anna was working all day Saturday and I spent the day trying to get the garden under control. I had planned on sorting...

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Hive Inspection 1

First Look at the Bees

At last, the temperature made it into double figures this morning although it has dropped again now to 9.7ºC. I have loads to do in the garden and just about managed to squeeze in some time out there today. The first job was to dig out the compost bins and bag up the compost ready for...

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Crocuses 1

The Early Signs of Spring

We’re only a couple of days into March, and therefore a couple of days into Spring, but nature is preparing. I managed to spend a few hours out in the garden at the weekend. There’s loads of work to do out there tidying up, weeding and cutting things back but I feel as though I’ve...

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Heart Rate From Hill Reps 1

Hellish Hill Reps

After what was supposed to be a recovery week training wise, it was back to it today with some hellish hill reps. Not that the preceding week was exactly restful thanks to lots and lots of work to do, both website design work and working at the University, which meant that in order to fit...

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