Author: Morgan Cole

My Location in Paris 1

School Trip to France

It seemed like we had been planning it for ages, I’m sure it was before Christmas that we were paying for it! But finally the day came where we started the long journey to France. We left Aber at 5:15am and arrived in Paris at 8:30pm.  The next day we went into Paris and we...

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Dewgong 1

More than 100 Pokémon

As the author data on this post shows, Morgan started writing this blog post but never got around to doing any more than the title! I think what he was going to say was that his Mum and Dad are amazing and have swapped things around now that he is in big school so that he...

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Slowpoke 3

8 more Pokémon to the Pokédex!

So today, me and daddy went on a Pokémon hunt. It was a really productive day, we got 8 new Pokémon registered to the pokédex, we got 20 more gold coins, a level up and some really high CP Pokémon. The new Pokémon we got were: Slowpoke Mankey Poliwhirl Onix Gloom Lickitung Butterfree Nidorino Our Pokémon...

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Crazy Golf 1

A week with my Cousins

After playing with my cousins at a big family picnic I decided I wanted to stay at my Ninny & Grandad’s. My cousins were also staying so it was 4 extra boys for Ninny to feed, but she didn’t mind me staying. The first day we went into Bristol to play some Pirate Crazy Golf,...

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Dublinia 2

School Ireland Visit – Day 3

On day 3 we went to Dublin for the Day and learnt about it’s history with the vikings. First we got up and did out daily shower routines, with all the singing. We then got our stuff ready to go to Dublin, we got on the bus and played cards all the way there. When...

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