Author: Morgan Cole

My Location in Paris 1

School Trip to France

It seemed like we had been planning it for ages, I’m sure it was before Christmas that we were paying for it! But finally the day came where we started the long journey to France. We left Aber at 5:15am and arrived in Paris at 8:30pm.  The next day we went into Paris and we...

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Slowpoke 3

8 more Pokémon to the Pokédex!

So today, me and daddy went on a Pokémon hunt. It was a really productive day, we got 8 new Pokémon registered to the pokédex, we got 20 more gold coins, a level up and some really high CP Pokémon. The new Pokémon we got were: Slowpoke Mankey Poliwhirl Onix Gloom Lickitung Butterfree Nidorino Our Pokémon...

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Blue Peter Badge

In the summer I went kayaking with my friend Cameron and applied for a Blue Peter Sports Badge.  I had to introduce a friend to a new sport. I didn’t know if I’d get one but it arrived this week.  Cameron applied for one too and he got one as well.  It is pretty cool,...

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Abseiling 3

Blue Peter Sports Badge at the Llain Activity Centre

On Thursday I went to the Llain Activity Centre.  I’ve been there before with cubs but this time I went with my friend.  We started with climbing and I was the fastest in my group then we did archery. After lunch was what I was looking forward to the most though because we were doing...

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Snorkelling in Borth 3

Snorkelling in Borth

Me and Dad had fun this afternoon snorkelling, I got half my wetsuit on first at home  and then we drove to Borth and I got the other half of my wetsuit on. We walked down onto the beach and got into the sea the sea wasn’t that cold we could almost walk out to...

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