More than 100 Pokémon

As the author data on this post shows, Morgan started writing this blog post but never got around to doing any more than the title! I think what he was going to say was that his Mum and Dad are amazing and have swapped things around now that he is in big school so that he has a decent mobile phone of his own. Not only does this give him a little more freedom as he can keep in touch with them but it also means that he can play Pokémon Go on the way to and from school.

Better than that though, they’re also paying for a SIM card so that he has some mobile data and have let him use the credit on the Wi-Fi dongle. On top of which they’ve let him go into town some evenings after school so that he can catch Pokémon before getting a lift home and have even let him and his friends spend some time in town at the weekend.

All of this means that we’ve now exceeded 100 Pokémon in our Pokédex, and here are a few of the latest additions.

I think he was also going to say that he should probably re-pay his amazing Mum and Dad by doing a few more chores around the house, washing the cars and maybe even learning how to mow the lawn!

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Mum says:

    Hmmm I’m not sure that’s what he was going to write lol

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