School Trip To Ireland – Day 1

On Monday me and Key Stage 2 went on a school trip to Ireland, there were 42 children going and 8 staff members including the bus driver. When I got to school I went down to the bus and dropped off my big suit case, which left me carrying my rucksac. When I got into class we had to go up to the hall so Mr. Fanning, our head teacher, told us what to do when we were on the boat and when we got to the hostel. After that we didn’t have time to do any reading, so we just went down to the bus and started to drive off to HolyHead where we were getting the boat from.

Off on my Travels

Off on my Travels


It was a long drive to HolyHead, about 3 and a half hours, but when we got there we had to wait 30mins for the ferry to let us on. When we were on the boat we found a seat and all my friends sat on it. Once we were all settled we had our lunch, and after that we went to the toilet. We all waved goodbye to Wales and set sail on our journey to Ireland. It didn’t seem like a long journey, it felt like 1 hour, it was actually 3 hours! After getting back down to the bus, we came off the ferry and were in Dublin port.

We drove out of Dublin and I slept for the hour journey to NewGrange. Once we were there we went and played in the field next to the hostel and got called over to sort out our rooms. I was in a room with everyone I wanted, and a few I didn’t. We all raced for the top bunks, luckily I got 1 just in time! There were 12 children in my room including me, and 12 beds, so at night it was really hot! I unpacked my stuff and put my suit case underneath my bunk bed. We then went out side again to play in the field for a bit and then went in for tea at the hostel.

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  1. Avatar forComment Author ninny says:

    Sounds good so far x

    • Avatar forComment Author Alan says:

      Yep, nice to get some input from Morgan on the weblog… And once it’s made into our annual book and he looks back at it in 20 years time it’ll be a perfect reminder of his first proper school trip away… I must have gone on such trips myself, but there was no such thing as a blog or a way of making your own book back then so I haven’t got any idea of where we went, what we did and what I thought about it all.

      No doubt by the time Morgan has children they’ll just download their memories to a computer chip and will be able to play it back in fully immersive virtual reality directly into their brain!


      • Avatar forComment Author Anonymous says:

        Probably something like that, just like our own brains
        Hopefully you at least remember some of your main school trips, France…where you fell down a cliff
        Russia…where you threw sugar from the hotel room and were offer loads of money for your cheap trainers, but risked being put in jail if you had sold them!

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