A week with my Cousins

After playing with my cousins at a big family picnic I decided I wanted to stay at my Ninny & Grandad’s. My cousins were also staying so it was 4 extra boys for Ninny to feed, but she didn’t mind me staying.
The first day we went into Bristol to play some Pirate Crazy Golf, arrhah me maty! I had fun playing with my cousins.

In the afternoon when we got home we went to the park while Ninny went to the shop and my older cousins walked the dog. Ninny complained that her spare room was stinky before going into my Auntie’s house to get ready for an inspector to come to inspect her child minding. It was nice to play with my cousins because I don’t often get to see them. We watched inside out and played Minecraft, and sometimes watched videos on youtube.
I was really glad I stayed even though it wasn’t planned, and a big thank you to Ninny and Grandad for having me at such a short notice.

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  1. Avatar forComment Author ninny says:

    You’re welcome, glad you enjoyed it, even though you had loads of baths !

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