School Ireland Visit – Day 4

On day 4 we went to Tayto Park. We got up and did our morning routine. Got dressed and got on the bus to Tayto Park. Tayto Park is a theme park based upon the Tayto Crisps, the Irish version of Walkers. When we got to Tayto Park the first sight of a ride was a massive WOODEN roller coaster! Everyone was saying they were going on it, except me and a few others. When we got into the park we all got given a token and we could decide what ride to use our token on. I decided to use mine on the 5D cinema first. The film was a cowboy one and I’d heard that the seats move. First the main cowboy fell off his horse and the chairs move and you bump up and down, then some bombs go off and the chairs shakes. Its really cool and half way through you fall into a lake, and you get squirted with water.

After that we went on a tour around the Tayto Factory where the crisps get made.  We saw the potatoes and people packing up bags of Tayto Crisps. After the tour, we had lunch and I had chicken goujons. Once we’d finished our lunch we got 2 more tokens. I went on the Zip Line Extreme, and the 5D cinema again with my friends.

When we got home from Tayto Park we had to pack ready for in the morning because we were leaving at 6:30am! We packed all our clothes and kept out our wash bag, pyjamas and our rucksac. We had a check list and we needed to check off the things we had. Once we’d packed, and done the check list, we put our big suitcase in the bus and went to bed, ready for an early start in the morning.

[Photos from the schools Twitter feed again]


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  1. Avatar forComment Author ninny says:

    It has been lovely to read all about your trip to Ireland, thank you for sharing it with us.

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