School Ireland Visit – Day 3

On day 3 we went to Dublin for the Day and learnt about it’s history with the vikings. First we got up and did out daily shower routines, with all the singing. We then got our stuff ready to go to Dublin, we got on the bus and played cards all the way there. When we got to Dublin, after a 1 hour drive, we drove round to Dublinia. Dublinia is an exhibition on the history of Dublin. It had facts about the Vikings and The Normans.

Then we went into the centre of Dublin to a park to eat our lunch, cheese sandwiches, crisps and a drink. After eating our lunch we went onto a Viking splash around Dublin. But we were traveling around on a ‘dukw’, this is a vehicle that can go in land and water. First we went around on land and roared at ‘celts’ passing. Then we went onto the river and were told about the history a bit more and where they put all the dead bodies they had back then, they threw them in the water! As we were coming back to the park, by then we were back on land, we were driving up then hill and the first gear snapped. Luckily we were only a minute’s walk away from the park.

Viking Splash Tour

Viking Splash Tour

When we got back to the hostel we had tea and the year 6s had their showers. We got into our pyjamas and went to sleep, after a lot of talking!

[Photos are those that the school posted to Twitter again]

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  1. Avatar forComment Author ninny says:

    Sounds fun hope you enjoyed it x

  2. Avatar forComment Author Alan says:

    It’s good gettign Morgan to write these blog posts as we learn loads of stuff that he hasn’t told us about. We didn’t even know that the bus had broken down

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