More Windsurfing with my Insta360 X3

With wind forecast for Wednesday, I arranged my working week around having enough time to get out on the water. Steve was going to join me but I heard news last night that he’d fallen off his mountain bike and had broken his arm. I think he’s OK and will be back at it soon, but he wouldn’t be joining me today. Fortunately, Lawrence had some time for a session.

The wind wasn’t quite a strong as forecast (nothing new there) but it was hitting 30 knots by midday so after some lunch I headed over. It didn’t feel that strong so I rigged my 5.7m and bigger (103 ltr) board. I was soon on the water and it felt OK. I tried mounting the camera on the boom to start with. I think it’ll work but the weight of camera meant it didn’t quite stay where I wanted it so I soon reverted to a slightly revised harness mount. Here are a few stills from various angles.

Things were good with westerly winds and enough wind for some nice blasting. The waves out the back were a little bigger too. There were a few little jumps here and there, some nice little backside wave-rides and even an aerial at one point. Not a bad day on the water. Lawrence was having fun too.

I did notice afterwards that the bottom of the Insta360 Selfie Stick had ‘come unstuck’. The base of the stick has a tripod mount screw in it but the plug that contains it had come out of the base of the stick. Investigation revealed some fairly poor quality on the thread so it had just pulled out. I’ll try to fix it with some superglue for a more secure fit. Thankfully it didn’t completely while I was on the water!

Back at home there was time for some more work, some dinner and then some video editing. A good day all round.

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