Frosty Temperatures at Ynyslas

Brrrr, it’s another cold, frosty one today. The coldest so far this year again at -4ºC. The Borth & Ynyslas weather station was reporting a ‘feels like temperature’ of -9.7ºC

Frosty Temperatures
Frosty Temperatures

That’s pretty cold for around here at Sea Level and the coldest temperatures we’ve seen for a while. It’s all change next week though as temperatures will rise a little and there’s more chance of rain. I think I’d prefer the cold frosty days myself.


The winds are light, the skies relatively clear and it’s lovely out there despite the cold. The Golf course is frosty, as is the beach.

Our windows are frosted up too. The weather station rain collection bucket has a layer of frost on it as well.

Sometimes this can cause a slight anomaly in the readings due to the fact that once the frost melts, it drops down into the rain bucket and may well tip the bucket and therefore record some rain despit the fact that it’s a cold, crisp day without any clouds.

At least it’s nice and toasty warm inside the ouse with a nice fire burning in the stove. I will be out running, walking and possibly even paddling in it later though once I’ve got some work done.

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