Cut off by the Weather

I spent another comfortable night in the igloo in our back garden last night. It might not be quite as confortable and warm as my real bed but I won’t get many chances to sleep in an igloo in the garden again so I thought that I may as well.

The weather has taken its toll though. There have been lots of cars stuck in the snow drifts along our road and therefore various rescue attempts involving lots of shovels and 4×4’s to get them out. Our phone line has gone down as well although exactly what is wrong with it has me dumbfounded. It looks as though the cable coming out of a box at the top of the telegraph pole has slipped and some of the inner cables are exposed and flapping about. The phone line is unusable as there is so much static and distortion on the line that it can rarely make a connection.

Of course this means that the internet is down as well so I’ve been unable to do any work. However, it does come online now and then – usually, just after someone has tried to phone us. I have no idea why that might cause it to start working, but if we then pick up the phone for any reason the internet goes down. Strangely though, when I do have access, I can browse the internet and send and receive e-mails, but I’m unable to access any servers via FTP – Very strange indeed. Not only that but at one point last night when the connection was on I did a speedtest and got the fastest connection that I’ve ever had here at 1812Kbps download and 400kbps upload. Very odd indeed.

If only that were always the case – I’ve just done a speedtest now and we’ve got a 27Kbps (yep, 27) download speed and a 93Kbps upload speed.

We still haven’t heard back from the phone company either so I’m not sure when someone will be out to fix it. Oh well, looks as though I will have an extended Christmas break enforced upon me. Maybe I should build another igloo!

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  1. Sue says:


    Love reading your Blog as I love Ynyslas – have seen my old
    bungalow – 4, Renfrew Drive in your snowy pictures !

    Lived there in late 80s !

    Amazing to see so much snow there – we have a static now at
    Sea Rivers site and were there last in early November – just
    before it closed for the season – people were in the sea !

    Would love to see a pic of the carpark at the end or the
    static caravans in the snow ! Were hoping to come up for Xmas
    Day – but the roads may not permit !


  2. Alan says:

    I forgot to mention that as well as no phone line, we also haven’t had any rubbish collected for several weeks either. What is the world coming to!! 🙂

  3. Alan says:

    BT can’t come out to fix the line until Dec. 29th. Looks as though we’re going to have a quiet Christmas here at least, although it does mean that if Santa brings an iPad we won’t be able to play with it much! 🙁


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