Queenswood Arboretum

Having not been out anywhere for about 9 months, there was quite a bit of excitement at the weekend. We haven’t seen any family at all this year, but that would change. The occasional phone call or Facetime call has been the only interactions we’ve had.

Family Meet Ups

Usually we would have been to my parents at least once or twice during the year. We generally meet up at around this time of year for a Christmas get together as well. This coincides with my Mum’s birthday, my birthday and my brothers birthday. So, whatever weekend we meet up there is usually something to celebrate and presents to be exchanged. Coronavirus restrictions and our choices to be as vigilant as possible regarding the reduction of potential transmission of the disease meant that this was not the case in 2020. We hadn’t seen them at all. What’s more, it was my 50th this year so under normal circumstances there may have even been some sort of ‘party’. Although knowing me, ‘party’ would more than likely end up being an adventure activity somewhere followed by lots of cake!

Travel Restrictions Eased

We did decided however that it would be safe to meet up in limited numbers outside for an hour or so. Once the restrictions on travel into and out of Wales were relaxed we started to hatch a plan. Driving the 7 hour round trip to my parents house was a little bit excessive for a cup of tea in their garden. Instead we decided to meet up somewhere nice halfway between the two.

The first plan was to meet somewhere in South Wales. However, my Dad isn’t up to driving too far in one day so my sister would drive them there instead. This meant that there would be more than four of us and the restrictions in Wales only allowed 4 people to meet. We therefore looked East for a suitable location in England where the restrictions allowed 6 people to meet. Our first choice was Hampton Court Castle as we’d been there before and it was very nice. Unfortunately it was closed. We did however find the nearby Queenswood Arboretum and Country Park which was open. The plans were laid.

Queenswood Arboretum

Anna Morgan and I left home and drove through a damp Wales to meet my Mum, Dad and sister Trudi at around 10:30am. Fortunately once in England the rain stopped and the sky turned blue. The drive to Queenswood Arboretum took about 2 hours. We soon met the others and as socially distanced as we could said our “Hello’s”. The fact that we were outside and only meeting as six people from two different households meant that things should be quite safe.

Suitably attired we headed off for a nice stroll through Queenswood Arboretum. Obviously the arboretum wasn’t at its most impressive with no leaves on the trees. It was however a nice walk along muddy paths and through groves of Redwood and avenues of Beech. Trudi did decide to take us up a steep muddy bank at one point where my Mum decided to have a roll in the mud!!

Back at the picnic area we found a nice picnic bench and all sat there for a picnic and then that was it. Socialising for 2020 was done and dusted. Mad hey, a whole year and we’ve only spent about 2 hours in total socialising with people outside of our household.

We were soon back in the car and heading home. And yep, you’ve guessed it, it was raining before we even got into Wales.

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Mum x says:

    Maybe I should explain ….I didn’t exactly “decide” to roll in the mud I fell and tried to protect my rotator cuff / frozen shoulder which the previous day I had a steroid injection in, however I didnt succeed much to the amusement of every one.
    Nice to see you all though and hopefully next year will be better.

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