Christmas Day in The Cole Household

That was a lovely Christmas Day in the Cole household. The highlight being that we managed to successfully pull of the installation of a ground-level trampoline in the front garden and keep it a secret. Morgan was suitably impressed, surprised and delighted.

Christmas Day

Christmas Eve was the usual story with Morgan not being able to get to sleep until gone midnight. Needless to say Anna and I were up late too so as to make sure Morgan was sleeping well before Santa arrived. This meant that Anna and I were also awake on Christmas morning before Morgan and had to wait for him to get up. When he finally woke up, Santa had been and the stocking at the end of his bed was overflowing. He opened these presents in our bed and then we got up and breakfasted on freshly baked croissants and coffee. There were plenty of presents under the tree waiting for us too.

Christmas Presents

We soon got stuck in opening all of the presents. Thanks everyone for all the gifts, we loved them all. Just a few of the highlights were of course Lego for Morgan, along with a scooter, sweets and games, a new onesie, a night away in the new Aberystwyth Premier Inn (he’d been asking to stay there since it opened), a sock subscription and much more.

Anna had a new double instrument case for her cornets, various items of clothing, pyjamas, a dressing gown, lots of chocolate and smellies and a whole host of cheese-making equipment and gadgets..



Replacement Wedding Ring

Replacement Wedding Ring

I had a replacement wedding ring as I’d lost my first one years ago. I obviously can’t be trusted with a gold one so now have a silver replica. I also had clothes, a Spicery subscription, a mast mount for my GoPro camera, chocolates and marzipan and lots of coffee and teas.


They all got a big thumbs up from me.

Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up

The Big Bouncy Surprise

There was one last present under the tree and this one was for Morgan. He opened it up to find bubble wrap and a note that said.

“Your main present is so big it won’t fit under the tree. You’ll need to look in the big hole in the front garden to find it”

Needless to say, we soon had shoes and socks on and were in the front garden peeling back the groundsheet that had been there for a few days. This revealed a brand new, ground level trampoline, not a big hole as Morgan was expecting. Quite how we’d managed to install that without him suspecting anything I don’t know, but we had pulled it off. He was shocked, surprised and delighted with his new trampoline and obviously had a quick bounce for joy on it. Judging by the camera Anna was shaking too, but apparently she was shivering as it was cold!

Christmas Dinner

With the presents opened it was time to think about lunch so Anna started slaving away in the kitchen.



Morgan and I started building a Lego model. A Cargo Plane – well, it wouldn’t be Christmas without Lego!

We then helped Anna with laying the table and carving the meat and sat down to a delicious Christmas dinner with plates piled high.

Lunch didn’t take anywhere near as long to eat as it had to cook, but it was of course lovely. I then headed over to the beach to go windsurfing and try out my new mast mount for my GoPro. Unfortunately, there just wasn’t quite enough wind for my 5m sail – I should have taken a bigger one with me. I did manage to get going once or twice and played with the camera angle a little but there wasn’t much to show from it today.

The rest of the day was spent chilling, watching films and eating ourselves silly. Morgan bounced on his trampoline now and then. The weather wasn’t great though and we still need to add the safety netting to it.

He built an Audi R8 out of lego too, whilst wearing his new pyjamas and we all stayed up until gone midnight once again.

Another lovely family Christmas Day.

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  1. Alan Cole says:

    Oh, forgot to say that the power kept going off as well… Something that seems to happen most years! We gave up turning things back on for a while as it just kept going off again… The power has also been off most of the morning today (Boxing Day) as well.


  2. Mum says:

    I missed this post !
    Magical to see Morgan open the box and then pull back the cover.amazing secret to keep well done to both of you for the planning and hard work put into that one
    Glad you all enjoyed yourselves

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