Wide Skies and Tall Clouds

There are some nice big Cumulonimbus clouds out there today. Blue skies in between the downpours and a brisk breeze, but quite mild for December.

I picked a sunny interlude for a stroll down to the postbox and then back along the beach. The sunny interlude did mean that there were big clouds all around. The sun was shining through clouds out over the sea looking towards Borth. There were similarly impressive clouds looking north too. You can’t beat the big skies here in West Wales. The beach was quiet, which is just the way we like it.

My new barometer clock was reading ‘Change’ which was about right.

Changeable Barometer

The Borth & Ynyslas Weather Station was sat at around about 9.5ºC most of the day and it too was forecasting sunny spells and showers.

Borth & Ynyslas Weather Station Forecast
Borth & Ynyslas Weather Station Forecast

Not a bad day really and I was at least able to get the new outdoor Christmas lights installed. We’ve been fairly conservative with the lights this year. A few older decorations have been discarded and we’ve yet to replace them but we have extended the lights that go around the soffits of the house so that they go around the side. The also now go up and over the front door which will be nice. Not that anyone can really see them along that side of the house. Dave, our next door neighbour, might at least get to enjoy them! Most of the lights went up yesterday, along with the tree so I’ll take some photos of them later ready for a nice festive blog post.

We’re all at home now until the big day. Anna is working from home this week, Morgan is schooling from home and I’m officially on annual leave. Although I do have some work that I need to do on a few projects so it’s not all leisure time for me just yet.

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